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We’d be happy to talk to you directly. Email or call us at (201) 614-3484.

We proudly use top American and European manufacturers Biohorizons, Zimmer, and Microdent.

We stand by our work! Assuming you take proper care of your teeth, we’ll guarantee our work for 1-3 years (3 for the implant portion, 1 for crowns).

In the unlikely case you have post treatment issues, we'll do the work again for free.

Work guarantee does not apply to composite veneers.

Procedure day 1 starts with our initial consultation / examination and ends with your final appointment. You can plan your travel here around that.

After the procedure, your implants will need to integrate with the bone of your jaw before the permanent crown is placed. This process takes about 5 months. After this time, you will need to make another trip back to the dentist to have the final crown fitted and placed on the implant.

Composite Veneers, sometimes called resin, direct, prepless, or 80% porcelain/20% composite, can be completed in 2 days and last up to 7 years. Frequent maintenance is required but can be done by any dentist. No tooth shaving involved. May chip and stain. $250 USD each.

Porcelain Veneers, sometimes called ceramic, indirect, or prep are completed in 2-5 days depending on quantity and last up to 20 years. No yearly maintenance. Minimal tooth sandin/shaving (0.3 mm) may be involved. Won't chip or stain. $490 USD each.

Work guarantee do not apply to composite veneers.



No, not at all. It’s simply something we do to make your journey to Colombia easier and more enjoyable. If you’d rather handle things yourself, go for it.

One of our drivers will be waiting for you at the terminal with your name on a board. He'll then take you to wherever you're staying.

With international travel, we require the flight information to confirm your appointment reservation. Your hotel will tell us where to drop you off.

Oh dear! These things happen from time to time. Don’t worry, call us at (201) 614 -3484 or email. We’ll help figure it out asap.

There is no cancellation fee. For whatever reason, you can cancel your appointment at any time.

Not at all. The DTC staff speak English.

Good things 😃 Read our testimonials here.

Of course. You'll pay your dentist directly after the work is completed to your satisfaction. If your procedure takes 2 trips, the cost will be (for the most part) evenly split between the two trips.

All major credit cards accepted.

Billed in Colombian Pesos based off the day’s official spot rate.



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