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Popular Procedures

Dental Implants (Porcelain) $1,285
Dental Implants (Zirconia) $1,500
Full Fixed Bridge (4 implants) $7,250
All on Four $7,895
All on Six $9,580
Veneers (Porcelain / Zirconia) $420
Crowns (Porcelain) $540

Implant procedures priced to include implant, post, and crown (USD).

Additional Procedures


Dental Tourism Colombia - Teeth / Tooth Implants, Veneers,  Crowns

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"Thank you Doctor Gonzales! I'm proud to smile again. Everyone at DTC was a true professional. The airport pick-up and hotel drop-off made it so easy. Cartagena was beautiful and safe as well. Thanks again!" 

- Eddie L. Santiago (4/26/17)