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Beatrice Before After Testimonial Review Porcelain Veneers - Dental Tourism Colombia (Dr. Julio Oliver, Cartagena)
Jacob Porcelain Crown Porcelain Veneer Before After - Dental Tourism Colombia Review Testimonial - Dr. Julio Oliver Cartagena


Cost of Dental Work in Colombia

Titanium Implant, Abutment, with Porcelain Crown $1,385
"All on Four" (fixed acrylic bridge) $7,895
Composite Veneer $250
20 Composite Veneers ($500 off) $4,500
Porcelain Veneer $490
10 Porcelain Veneers ($300 off) $4,600
20 Porcelain Veneers ($1,800 off) $8,000
Porcelain Crown $590
Root Canal Treatment (post, core, porcelain crown) $790
Laser Teeth Whitening (1 session) $100

Priced in USD

Cristina 2 Porcelain Veneers Before After - Dental Tourism Colombia (Dr. Julio Oliver, Cartagena)
Porcelain Veneers Adrian Testimonial Review - Dental Tourism Colombia (Cartagena, Dr. Julio Oliver)

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Dental Tourism Colombia Reviews

Dental Tourism Colombia is awesome!

"The service was beyond my expectations. Travel from the US to Cartagena was simple. The office arranged my pickup from the airport and then got me to my hotel and the dental office. The recommended accommodations was reasonably priced and very nice! I felt safe and secure the entire time I was there! I definitely recommend Dental Tourism Colombia!!"

- Constance C. 


Dental Tourism Colombia FAQs

Where can I find a list of your dental procedures and prices?

Right here.

How can I get a free dental quote?

Easily. Complete our free dental quote calculator now. You’ll have a personalized, self-prepared quote in less than 60 seconds. 

I’m not sure which procedure is right for me. Can you help?

Gladly, we have a free online consultation form that you can easily complete with your phone. It will guide you in taking 5 specific photos we will need to make a proper assessment. 

Can I talk to someone on the phone?

Absolutely. You can call us for free on both Google Voice or WhatsApp

Do I have to know how to speak Spanish?

Don’t worry, the Dental Tourism Colombia staff speak English.

What have others said about the quality of Dental Tourism Colombia's work?

Good things! Read our reviews and testimonials here. It includes video, before and afters, independent Google Reviews, press from the NY Post, and Instagram photos of our work.

Can you tell me more about the dentists’ qualifications?

You can learn more about each dentist by clicking on their name: Dr. Julio Oliver, Dr. Johana Ossa, Dr. Juan Fernando Uribe, Dr. Luis Fernando Uribe.

Where are your dental offices located in Colombia?

We have offices in Cartagena, Medellin, Bogota, and Cali

Which dental manufacturers do you use?

Like the best dentists back home, we proudly use top American and European manufacturers Biohorizons, Zimmer Biomet, Microdent, and Straumann.

How can your prices be a third the price when you use the same manufacturers as dentists back home?

This is because you are really saving on cost of labor, not cheaper, inferior materials.

How can you turn around dental work so much faster than dentists back home?

Two reasons. 1. We have our own labs so we don’t have to send impressions out to a third party. 2. We prioritize international work over local work. It’s as simple as that.

Is there a deposit to secure my dental appointment?

None whatsoever. If you’d like to be picked up from the airport, we ask for your flight information.

Can you recommend places to stay, things to do in Colombia?

Yes, we are happy to recommend hotels and tourist things to do around the city. You’ll love Colombia!

What if there are post dental treatment issues?

We stand by our work. Assuming you take proper care of your teeth, we’ll guarantee our work for an industry standard of 1-3 years (3 for the implant portion, 1 for crowns). This is to ensure that the work is created and installed correctly. In the unlikely case you have post treatment issues, we'll do the work again for free. Work guarantee does not apply to composite veneers.

Can you tell me more about the billing process?

Of course. You'll pay in the office after the work is completed to your satisfaction. If your procedure takes 2 trips, the cost will be (for the most part) evenly split between the two trips. All major credit cards accepted. Billed in Colombian Pesos based off the day’s official spot rate.

Who started Dental Tourism Colombia?

Dr. Julio Oliver in Cartagena.

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