Cost of Root Canals in Colombia

Root Canal Treatment (post, core, metal ceramic crown) $650
Root Canal Treatment (post, core, porcelain crown) $790
Root Canal (anterior) $140
Root Canal (premolar) $175
Root Canal (molar) $190
Post $150

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Getting Root Canals in Colombia

First, the dentist will do an initial physical examination.

If an x-ray is needed, you will be taken to a nearby facility to have x-rays done.

If you're only getting the root canal, then the work can be done in in one appointment, over an hour or two.


During your root canal procedure, damaged nerve and pulp are removed and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed.

You will be given a local anesthesia for the pain.

If you are getting the full treatment, which includes the post, core, and crown, you will have to come back five days later for a second appointment. This time is needed for the lab to custom create your crown.

You will experience some sensitivity during the next few days.


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