Individually priced in USD

Composite $250
Porcelain $460

Composite Veneers, sometimes called resin, direct, or 80/20, can be completed in 2 days and last up to 7 years. Frequent maintenance is required but can be done by any dentist. No tooth shaving involved. May chip and stain.

Porcelain Veneers, sometimes called ceramic or indirect, are completed in 2-5 days depending on quantity and last up to 20 years. No yearly maintenance. Minimal tooth sanding/shaving (0.3 mm) may be involved. Won't chip or stain.


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Dr. Julio Oliver

Dr. Julio Oliver has been practicing for 18+ years, specializing in cosmetic dentistry. Learn more.

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"The service was beyond my expectations. Travel from the US to Cartagena was simple. The office arranged my pickup from the airport and then got me to my hotel and the dental office. The recommended accommodations was reasonably priced and very nice! I felt safe and secure the entire time I was there! I definitely recommend DTC, Cartagena!!"

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