Cost of Dental Crowns in Colombia

Metal Ceramic Crown $450
Porcelain Crown $590
Zirconia Crown $600

Priced in USD



Getting Dental Crowns in Colombia

Dental Crowns are done in 2-5 business days, depending on quantity.

Work is done in 2-3 sessions, each lasting 1-2 hours.

During the first appointment, you and the dentist will discuss your desired shape, size, spacing, and shade of dental crowns.

Based on this feedback, the dentist will create temporary dental crowns with a lighter, more flexible, but less durable material.


When you and the dentist are both happy with the temporaries, an impression will be made which will be used by the lab to custom create your permanent dental crowns.

Once they’re ready, you will return for a second appointment where the dentist will remove your temporaries and place the permanents.

You will experience a little sensitivity during these few days.


The Best Dentists in Colombia

One team serving Colombia’s major cities

Loving the dental crowns I got in Colombia!

"Dr. Julio Oliver was excellent. He was professional, experienced, and kind. He’s a good man. My crowns are the best I’ve ever had done, and the price could not be beat. I’m happy to recommend them if you’re ever in Cartagena visiting this beautiful city. I’ll be back. Thank you!"

- Joe K. 


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