Cost of Dentures in Colombia

Temporary Partial/Flipper $60
Partial Denture (acrylic frame) $220
Partial Denture (metal frame) $450
Partial Denture (flexible frame) $370
Full Denture, Immediate/Healing (upper/lower) $370

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Great denture, excellent price

"This is the best partial I’ve had and it was a lot more affordable than what I had experienced back home. They were able to create it much faster than I expected as well. Colombia is a wonderful country. Gracias Dental Tourism Colombia!"

- Rodney A. 


Dentures in Colombia FAQs

What the process of getting new dentures like? 

Dentures are done in 3-7 business days, depending on quantity.

Work is done in 2-3 sessions, each lasting 1-2 hours.

First, the dentist will shave your teeth and gums a little to make room for the dentures and then take impressions of your mouth which the lab will use to custom make your dentures. 

You will be given a temporary denture to wear till your permanents are made.

Once your dentures are made, your dentist will have you try them on and wear them until your next visit, at which point any adjustments can be made. 

Wearing dentures takes some getting used to. This is completely normal.

How do I take care of my denture?

Brush your denture each day to remove food deposits and plaque. Brushing your denture helps prevent the appliance from becoming permanently stained. 

Brush with water, soap, or a mildly abrasive toothpaste, or denture paste. 

You can use a denture brush or a regular soft toothbrush to clean the denture, but use a separate brush for cleaning any natural teeth you have.

Do not soak or rinse the denture in hot water, this can distort the shape and fit of the denture. 

Never scrape the denture with sharp instruments in an attempt to remove hard deposits. Instead, take it to a dental professional for them to remove the deposits.

Care also needs to be given to the tissues under your denture. The gums should be cleaned daily with a soft toothbrush or a washcloth.

How much pain is involved with getting dentures?

When you’re first fitted for new dentures, it’s normal to experience minor irritation, which should fade as your mouth becomes accustomed to them. 

Is it possible to have dentures put in the same day as teeth removal?

Yes, it is possible to have your teeth removed and dentures put in the same day. These dentures are called immediate dentures.

Will my dentures need to be replaced?

Over time, dentures will need to be relined, rebased, or remade due to normal wear, the average lifespan of a denture is about 5 to 8 years. 

Will a denture change how I speak?

Possibly, at first. If you find it difficult to pronounce certain words with your new denture, practice reading out loud. With time, you will become accustomed to speaking properly with your denture.

Can I sleep in my dentures?

Yes, you can wear your dentures at night but it’s best they are removed. You should remove your dentures at night and this will give your gums and bone a chance to relax from the pressure of the denture during the day. 

You should never wear your dentures 24 hours a day without preforming proper oral hygiene. 

Can I eat normally with dentures?

Getting used to dentures may take a little getting used to.  After some time, you should be able to eat fairly normally.

Using a small amount of denture adhesive (no more than three or four pea-sized dabs on each denture) may help stabilize the dentures and help hold them in place while you learn how to get comfortable with them. Please avoid chewing gum.

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