Cosmetic Dental Implants In Colombia For A Third Of The Price With Dentist Dr. Julio Oliver

It’s no secret that getting dental implants done in the US or Canada is shockingly expensive. Why not come to Colombia and get the exact same care with the exact same materials for a third of the price?

Dr. Julio Oliver is a cosmetic dentist in Cartagena, Colombia who helps many patients from North America with their cosmetic dentistry needs.

We’ll gladly pick you up from the airport, check you into your hotel, and bring you to your first appointment for free as well.

How can cosmetic dental implants cost so little in Colombia?

Cost of living is more affordable in Cartagena, Colombia

The cost of living in Cartagena is significantly more affordable than back home, this directly impacts the price of room, board, education, healthcare, transportation, and other of life’s necessities.

When a cosmetic dentist puts a price on their work, they take into account costs like office rent, staff wages, advertising, etc. When all of these costs are less than back in the US, the total cosmetic procedure price drops.

Your money goes a lot further in Cartagena, Colombia

The US dollar is a lot stronger in Colombia. You can take a taxi around the entire city for $2 USD and have a top of the line, premier, major anniversary worthy dinner for two for only $80. Hotels are less expensive as well. You will notice more bang for your literal buck here.

Dental healthcare in Colombia is financially more efficient

Though the world’s cutting-edge medical practice still occurs within the United States, the US healthcare industry is certainly not the most cost-efficient.

Do we really need to go into the details? Frankly, you probably wouldn’t be reading this right now if you didn’t feel the same way.

Many Colombian cosmetic dentists use the same manufacturers as back home

Dental work is a lot more affordable in Cartagena, Colombia but that does not mean the quality of workmanship or material is cheap. We, for example, use the same manufacturers as top cosmetic dentists back home.

We proudly use top American and European manufacturers like BioHorizons, Microdent, and Zimmer. If you’re comparing prices, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples.

It’s worth taking a flight over to Colombia and spending on hotels for cosmetic dental work

Even when you factor in the flight and hotel, it still makes financial sense to get your cosmetic dental care done in Cartagena, Colombia. Here, we have quality hotels starting at $40 USD/night and round-trip flights start at $300.

You’ll even get a bonus Caribbean vacation out of it as well - a usually overlooked plus to getting your work done in Cartagena. The beaches are breathtaking.

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There are many variables that go into getting cosmetic dental implants in Colombia

Generally speaking, the dental implant procedure is done in two phases, which are 4-5 months apart. The first phase is when any teeth are extracted, bone grafts are done, the implants (rods) are placed in your jaw, and temporary crowns (if applicable) are situated.

You’ll need to be in Cartagena for only 4 days (including weekend days) during this first trip.

A few months later, after your jaw bone has fused with the implant, you’ll come back to Dr. Julio Oliver and he’ll add your permanent crowns. These crowns are heavier and will need the implants to be more secure before they are placed.

Before anything though, you should get scans done to learn if your jaw bone density can support dental implants. If not, you may need bone grafts. In cases where you need a good deal of bone grafts, an additional trip will be needed, making the total 3 trips.

Implant procedure costs are split between the two trips.

Dr. Julio Oliver specializes in cosmetic dental implants

Dr. Julio Oliver Gonzalez has been practicing cosmetic dentistry for 18+ years. His passion is helping individuals like yourself improve their smiles, oral health, and general confidence. He’s known as one of the top skilled cosmetic dentistry professionals around.

You will be in excellent hands. He holds multiple degrees, which are as follows:

  • Implantology (Universidad Veracruzana of México)

  • Endodoncia (University of Cartagena)

  • Clinical Biochemistry, Masters (University of Cartagena)

  • Oral Rehabilitation, Masters (University of Cartagena)

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