Guide to Getting Dental Implants in Colombia (Best Price, Travel Cost, and More)

Getting dental implants done in Colombia is a smart financial move

You can get premier cosmetic dentistry done for 70% off U.S. dental prices, with no drop in quality of dental work. Millions of North Americans do this every year.

However, there are a few additional logistics to getting your dental implants done in Colombia. We’re here to help demystify it for you. The general steps are outlined below.

Decide which Colombian city you’d like to visit (Cartagena, Medellin, Cali, Bogota, etc)

There are many excellent cities in Colombia that are certainly worth your visit. Cartagena is on the Caribbean coast and known for its resorts and beaches, Bogota is the capital high up in the mountains, Medellin is similar to Bogota but with a better climate, and Cali has a more tropical flare.

Each city has fantastic sites to visit, restaurants to dine at, and experiences to savor. As Colombia’s major cities, you really can’t go wrong. Find the one that is right for you and then narrow your search for Colombian dentist.

Note that some folks are city agnostic and will simply search for the best Colombian dentist they can find and go to whenever they’re located, regardless of the city. We’re ultimately looking for quality Colombian cosmetic dentists so however we get there does not really matter. If this step is irrelevant to you, please skip it.

Find the best Colombian dentist for dental implants in that city

Colombia boasts many quality cosmetic dentists. Colombia has an international reputation as a hub for dental tourism because of it. People from all over the world come to Colombia to get their dental implants done. Please note that not every dentist does dental implants, make sure you find one who specializes in this procedure.

Do your research online. Look up Colombia’s best dentist for dental implants and see what the search turns up with. Check out the dentist's website, see their cosmetic dental work on their Instagram, and read patient reviews and testimonials. Call them up and speak with them. Find the one that you’re most comfortable with.

Get a dental price quote, share your cosmetic dentistry scans and/or treatment plan

Once you’ve identified a Colombian dentist who you’d want to perform the dental implant procedure, reach out to their dental office. If you’ve spoken with other dentists about getting dental implants before, sharing your scans and/or treatment plans will be a big help in ensuring the quote is as accurate as possible.

If you don’t already have a digital copy of your scans, all you need to do is call up or email the dental office.

Compare cosmetic dentistry costs for the best price

You may want to find another one or two Colombian dentists to compare prices and service. However, price should not be the only factor in deciding a dentist. You want quality at an exceptional price, not mediocrity at a cheap price.

Let’s have some perspective, you’re already going to be saving thousands and thousands of dollars by getting your dental implants done in Colombia. If prices are more or less the same, go with the dentist you feel the most comfortable with, the one with better photos and reviews online.

Make sure your Colombian cosmetic dentist has a dental work guarantee

Another way to help you decide which Colombian dentist to go with could be whether or not they have a dental work guarantee. A dentist that stands by their work is one that you can count on. If they do have a dental work guarantee, how long is it? What are the details?

Dental Tourism Colombia - Bogota (Dr. Luis Fernando Uribe)

Book your flights to Colombia

Once you’re happy with your choice of Colombian dentist for your dental implants, it’s time for you to book your flights to Colombia. Before you book flights, make sure the dentist knows you’re coming and that their schedule can allow them to see you. It would be a shame if you came all the way to Colombia and the dentist had a packed schedule and could not see you.

Most Colombian dentists will help arrange free airport pickup. For many patients it is their first time abroad and having a friendly face greet them at upon their arrival in a new country is always appreciated.

Search for flights to the following Colombian cities

Find a place to stay while you’re in Colombia

There are plenty of wonderful places to stay in Colombia while you’re here for you dental implants. There are familiar chain hotels like Hilton or Holiday Inn, there are friendly hostels, charming mom and pop run bed and breakfasts, to folks renting out their homes and apartments on Airbnb.

Most patients find places to stay that are close to the dental office, either by taxi or Uber or by simply walking. Chances are your dental office will have a list of recommended, nearby, quality hotels that their patients frequent.

Search for hotels in the following Colombian cities

Book your dental implant appointment

Some Colombian dentists require deposits, some (like us) do not. They often will simply ask for proof of airfare so they know you’re serious about coming to Colombia. Speak with the dental office and make sure you officially have an appointment.

You will also want to ask about payment options. Do they take major debit/credit cards? Will they accept cash in USD or COP? Once everything is squared away, make the appointment.

Have the dental office arrange for someone to get you from the airport

As just mentioned, many Colombian dentists have staff that will greet you at the airport. They’ll typically have your name on a board, take your luggage, and then drive you to wherever you’re staying.

If it’s a hotel, they’ll help you get checked in as well. If you’re coming with more than 4 in your party, I’d let the dental office know so they can accommodate it.

Go to your first dental appointment and meet your Colombian dentist

Because time is a factor, patients will often opt to see their dentist as soon as they can. In many cases, the same individual who picks you up from the airport will take you to your first appointment so you get there on time, learn how the building looks like, and how to find the office. Chances are, it will be up to you to get to your subsequent appointments. It won’t be hard though.

During this appointment, you and your dentist will discuss your dental implant procedure. They’ll do a physical examination to make sure everything looks good before getting scans done.

Get dental scans done for your dental implant procedure

Regardless of whether or not you shared previous dental scans and/or treatment plans, most Colombian dentists will still have new ones taken while you’re here in Colombia. Unlike in the USA or Canada, in Colombia, patients typically get their scans done in separate facilities specialized in taking all manner of medical scans.

Quent Porcelain Veneers Dental Tourism Colombia Cartagena Dr Julio Oliver

This is simply a different model of how dentistry is done in Colombia. Most of the time it’s a nearby walk or ride as medical buildings tend to cluster around themselves in a particular district. In Cartagena for instance, it’s in Bocagrande.

Begin Phase 1 of your dental implant procedure in Colombia

Once your scans are taken and your Colombian dentist reviews that you have enough space and bone to support an implant, the work will begin. You’ll either be provided laughing gas or an IV sedation before work is done so you don’t feel any pain. If any tooth extractions and/or bone grafts are needed, they’re done at this point as well.

The main objection of this phase however is to insert the actual rod itself, the implant, into your jaw bone. Often you’ll be given a temporary crown or denture depending on the dental implant procedure. This temporary solution will serve you for 5-6 months while the implant fuses with your jaw bone.

Heal and come back for a dental check up before leaving Colombia

You’ll want to heal for 3-4 days before flying back home. Before you leave, you’ll have a follow up appointment with your Colombian dentist to ensure everything is progressing as it should.

You will be given care instructions and a schedule for when you should return to Colombia for the next and final phase of the dental implant procedure.

Wait 5-6 months then return for the Final Phase of your dental implant procedure in Colombia

The allotted time has passed and you’re feeling great. You’ve booked your flights and hotel as you’ve done before. You fly over, get picked up, and checked into your hotel just like last time. You see your Colombian dentist to ensure everything is going according to plan. You’ll need to take new scans to ensure this.

If everything looks good, the permanent crown or solution will be placed. Additional treatment instructions will be provided as well.

You’ve completed your cosmetic dental implant procedure in Colombia!

With proper care, this crown or prothesis will last you the rest of your life. Congratulations on increasing the quality of your life.

Still have questions about getting dental implants in Colombia?