How To Find The Best Colombian Dentist For Your Cosmetic Dental Work

Save thousands by getting cosmetic dental work done by a Colombian dentist

It’s no secret that millions of people from North America travel to Colombia, South America to get expert dental care at a fraction of the cost. Typically, you can save 70% off cosmetic dentistry costs. There’s no drop in quality of care or materials, you’re simply saving on cost of labor.

Colombia has invested a lot into their medical industries, gaining the attention of the international community and becoming a well known medical tourism hub in general. Cosmetic dentistry is no exception.

With many excellent and qualified Colombian dentists, the question becomes not if you should go rather who you should see. The blog post below will outline what we think are the criteria you should use to help you find the best Colombian dentist for your cosmetic dental work.

Are you limiting your search to one city or all of Colombia?

The first question you should be asking yourself is whether or not you will be limiting your search for the best Colombian dentist to one city or to the country in general? Do you plan on visiting just one city?

You could be planning a trip to that city for work or pleasure already and looking to get some dental work while you’re down here. How opportunistic of you.

Are you looking to make a mini vacation out of this as well? Would you rather beach it or see the sites? Are there any city sites that speak to you in particular?

Or are you city agnostic? Have you simply decided that you’d like to get dental care in Colombia because of the stellar reputation and it really does not matter which city you go to as long as you feel like you have picked the best dentist for your needs? The answers to these questions will make your decision easier.

We have offices in all the major Colombian cities. You can check them out for yourself below.

Figure out what cosmetic dental work you’d like done in Colombia

The type of dental work you’d like to get in Colombia may determine the class of dentist you’d like to see. Are you coming down for dental implants? You may want to find a Colombian dentist who has a specialty in that skill set.

Are they well known for performing these the All on Four or All on Six procedure? Are you coming for porcelain veneers? You will want to find someone with a long track record of success doing just that.

If you don’t know, find a Colombian dentist who offers a free online consultation

If you’re like many patients, you simply know that you need to see a dentist or that you’d like a smile makeover. You’re not too sure exactly what needs to be done, but that whatever needs to be done, you’d like done.

If this sounds like you, you need to find a Colombian dentist who will be willing to give you an online consultation before you come down. It’s better to know what work you’ll be receiving before making travel arrangements and taking time off of your job.

Knowing what work you’ll be getting beforehand will also make it easy to get a quote for the procedure cost. You want to know how much you will be spending (and saving) before coming down to Colombia for your cosmetic dentistry.

Some Colombian dentists will have you pay a small fee for this service, some may not. At Dental Tourism Colombia, we offer a free online consultation.

All we ask is that you take 5 well-lit, close up, not blurry photos as the form directs you. Make sure your back molars are touching. We will get back to you in 2 or so business days.

Explore costs, how much does this Colombian dentist charge?

Cost is an important factor, if it wasn’t you probably would not be considering coming to Colombia for your cosmetic dental work. Have the dental office come up with a quote so you know roughly how much you will spend when you’re down here. When do you pay? Make sure you understand how payment works as well.

Please keep in mind however that you don’t want to simply go for the cheapest option. Have a little perspective. You are already potentially saving thousands of dollars by getting dental work at about a third the cost.

Don’t nickel and dime over a few hundred dollars. If you are coming to Colombia for the work, get the best, not the cheapest.

How long will you need to be in Colombia?

For the most part, you can expect similar turnaround times for certain procedures. You will want to know how many days you will need to be down in Colombia for your planning purposes.

If time is of the essence (you may only have a limited amount of days free) then you may want to go with the dentist that can turn around the custom made veneers and crowns faster.

Colombian dentists with their own labs, or close relations with labs, will be able to make your permanent veneers faster than a dentist who does not.

Some dentists will not be open on the weekends which will elongate the amount of time you’ll need as well. Many people like to take advantage of the weekends to get work done.

For the most part however, you will most likely not need to be here for more than a week. Some procedures take 1 day, others 2-3, and some will need 5-7. Talk with your Colombian dentist and find out how many days you will need before planning your trip.

What dental experience does this Colombian dentist have?

You want to see the most qualified Colombian dentist you can. You should know how long your dentist has been practicing, how long the business has been around, and other signals that point to their level of expertise.

Most websites will list a dentist’s credentials so you may just have to do a quick look at their site. Sometimes you may have to directly speak with the office.

Either way, you should be able to get a hold of this information as it will be an important part in making sure you pick the best Colombian dentist for your cosmetic dental work.

Read reviews and testimonials. What have others said about this Colombian dentist?

You want to visit a Colombian dentist with a great reputation. You do not want to risk getting dental work done by someone who hasn’t been tried and tested.

A good way to find out how qualified a dentist is is by reading the reviews and testimonials written by previous patients. What have they said about this Colombian dentist’s quality of work? How professional are they? How is the staff? The office?

You want to make sure that your overall experience will be excellent. Be sure to read reviews on their website, check out their Instagram, see if any press has been written about them, and if they have any testimonials written on independent sites like Google. Independent reviews on independent sites are very credible.

Is there a guarantee for the work this Colombian dentist does?

Oh boy, what if something goes wrong? In the rare case of an issue, what will happen? Does the Colombian dentist offer a work guarantee? If so, what are the details? How long will you be covered?

For example, at Dental Tourism Colombia, we stand by our work. If something happens in the industry standard guarantee window of 1-3 years (1 for crowns, 3 for implants) then we will gladly do the work again for free. All you need to do is come back to visit us and we will take care of the rest.

Does this Colombian dentist use the best dental manufacturers?

As mentioned previously, you do not want to pick the cheapest Colombian dentist. You want to find someone who uses quality materials and manufacturers for the work they will be performing on you.

What brand do they use for dental implants? Are these veneers made of composite or porcelain? It doesn’t make sense to get cheaply made products from China or India that will degrade quickly.

We proudly use top American and European manufacturers, BioHorizons, Microdent, Zimmer, and Straumann.

Will the dental office of this Colombian dentist pick you up from the airport?

Though not the most important factor in determining which Colombian dentist is best for you, having free airport pickup is a nice-to-have. This may be your first time to Colombia (or abroad for that matter) so it makes things a lot easier knowing a friendly face will be meeting you at the airport. This will also factor into their overall level of service.

If a Colombian dentist is willing to have a staff member get you from the airport, it’s a great indication that they are very serious and professional people. It’s quality service off the bat, and a great first impression.

Speak with the Colombian dentist’s office

One of the better things you can do in helping you find the best Colombian dentist for your needs is to simply get in touch with them. Can you give them a call? If so, how well do they answer your questions? How is their English? Do they respond quickly to emails? How helpful are those emails?

Again, going back to the quality of service you will receive starts with the first contact you have with them. If they are thoughtful, attentive, and professional from the start, then it’s probable that they will be the same throughout your experience with them.

How to find the best Colombian dentist for your cosmetic dental work 5

There is also something to say about how well you get along with them. Chemistry is a real thing and you want to feel comfortable with the people who will be doing important dental work on you.

Conclusion: Pick the best Colombian dentist for you, and only you.

There are many factors that you should consider when picking the best Colombian dentist for your cosmetic dental needs. Do not make this decision lightly, do your research.

Take your time in asking your questions and understand their answers. Make sure you know what you need before you come down, and have a good idea how much it will cost you. Read the reviews online of previous patients. Make sure they have a work guarantee and that they are attentive in their communication.

Colombia is filled with many quality dentists, we’re confident you can find one that will make you happy. We’d love to be considered :)

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