How to save thousands of dollars by getting dental work in Cali, Colombia

Get dental work in Cali, Colombia for 70% off

Millions of people every year from North America travel to Cali, Colombia to save thousands of dollars on premier cosmetic dental work. Dental work is about a third the price of what you’re accustomed to back home, all without a drop in the quality of dental care.

Porcelain veneers in Cali, Colombia cost $490 USD each, dental implants procedures (implant, abutment, and crown) cost $1,385 USD, and teeth whitening costs $100 USD per session. And as an added bonus, you also receive an additional vacation to one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

Too pull this off, all that is required of you is a little research and a few additional logistical steps. The post below will highlight a few areas you should take into consideration. You’ll be saving thousands of dollars on cosmetic dental work in Cali, Colombia before you know it!

Get an estimate for your dental work in Cali, Colombia

One of the first few things you’ll want to accomplish will be to get an initial estimate for dental costs. Come up with a list of a few initial dentists in Cali, Colombia that you’d like to see and begin to compare prices.

What are their prices like? Are they all pretty close to one another or are there some that are way off? Disregard any outliers. A dentist in Cali that is too expensive may be trying to take advantage of foreigners like yourself, and a Colombian dentist that is too cheap may signal a poor quality in dental care.

Another important thing you’ll want to make sure of is ensuring that you’re properly comparing dental procedures. This is an issue because nomenclature among dental offices can vary pretty drastically, to top that off, there may be some language trouble. For someone that most likely does not work in the dental industry, this can be very confusing.

For example, some dental offices in Cali, Colombia will say porcelain veneers while others will call it ceramic veneers, some will say composite veneers, while others will say resin veneers. Some will say abutment, others will say post, and on and on. You get the idea.

The goal is to make sure that you are properly comparing procedure prices, “apples to apples” so to speak. If you’re not sure, a quick search online or a short conversation with the office can clear up any confusion you may have.

Complete an online consultation with a dentist in Cali, Colombia

Comparing dental costs is one thing, having a dentist in Cali, Colombia take the time to review your teeth and come up with an initial dental treatment plan is another thing entirely. You won’t be able to save thousands of dollars on dental work in Cali, Colombia if you don’t know what dental work is required in the first place.

If you’re someone who doesn’t know what dental procedures they’d require, then this is another great way to learn what can be done, and to get a quote for that work as well.

In most cases, simply texting or emailing a few photos to the dentist in Cali, Colombia will work just fine. Note that dentists could ask for any xrays and/or treatment plans from previous dentists if the situation calls for it and they’re available.

Please be aware that emailing photos does not replace the need of a physical clinical examination and having xrays taken. An online consultation will simply provide you and the dentist in Cali, Colombia a better idea of what needs to be done. This will make it possible to give you a proper estimate for the dental procedures necessary to treat you.

Please note, most Colombian dentists will offer to do this work for free but some may charge a small fee.

Read reviews of your dentist in Cali, Colombia

If you’re happy with the dental estimate and consultation response you have received, you will want to make sure that the dentist in Cali, Colombia you are considering is the real deal.

How long has this Colombian dentist been practicing cosmetic dentistry in Cali? What are their qualifications? The most important thing you can do though is to read what previous patients have said about the quality of treatment and care they received.

Does the dentist in Cali, Colombia have a testimonial page you could check out? You’ll also want to review independent sites like Google or Yelp to see what has been said as well. Positive reviews on independent sites are very credible.

You can also learn a lot by checking out the dentist in Cali, Colombia’s Instagram page. What are the photos like? Can you see any before and after shots of the procedure you’d like done?

Photos will not replace the need of reading reviews, but rather act as a supplement, helping you make the best informed decision you possibly can.

Reviewing online testimonials and checking out the photos of their previous work is a great way to judge the quality of care you will receive should you go with this particular Colombian dentist.

Talk with the office that will be doing your dental work in Cali, Colombia

Great, so you’ve successfully done an online consultation, you’re happy with the dental quote you received, and you’re pleased with what you’ve seen online in regards to reviews and photos. What’s next?

We strongly recommend that you take the time to actually speak with the dental office in Cali, Colombia. Doing this will give you a good sense of whether or not you will be able to have a productive discussion about your dental care. That’s important after all right?

Here are a few quick questions to ask yourself. How well does the dental office and dentist in Cali, Colombia speak English? Can all parties communicate well? Are they professional? Are they quick to respond to any questions? Are their responses clear and do they actually answer your questions?

If you answered yes to all of these then it may be time for you to begin discussing dental appointment dates. You have to make sure that the dentist in Cali, Colombia is free to work on you when you’re in town after all right?

It would be a real shame if you did all that work only to find out that the dentist in Cali, Colombia has a full schedule and cannot see you when you’re local.

In many cases, Colombian dentists will also coordinate to have a staff member of theirs receive your from the airport upon your arrival. They’ll probably be willing to take you to your hotel or wherever you’re staying and help you get settled in. They will often help you get to your appointment as well.

For many patients (and possibly yourself), this is the first time they’re visiting Cali, Colombia, and for some, the first time they’re leaving their home country. A concierge service like this is to help make your arrival as smooth and easy as possible.

Communicate with the dental office in Cali before making an appointment to make sure they will be able to coordinate your airport pick up.

Book hotel nights for your trip to Cali, Colombia

After you’ve decided on a dentist in Cali, Colombia and the office has secured your appointment date, it’s time to find a place to stay while you’re visiting. Often dentists in Cali will recommend nearby hotels that their international patients often stay at. Reach out and get a hold of this list and identify you hotel you like best, then check to see if they have availability for the days you’ll be in Cali, Colombia.

If for some reason the dental office does not have a list of recommended hotels, a quick search online will show you which hotels are close to the office with available rooms for you. Before you book, make sure you know how many days you will need for the dental procedure you will be getting done. It would be a minor problem if you reserved hotels for not enough days necessary.

Purchase flights to and from Cali, Colombia

The final step in saving thousands of dollars by getting dental work in Cali, Colombia is booking flights to this beautiful place. Getting to Cali is easy. There are frequent, cheap, hour long flights from Bogota and Cartagena that go out multiple times a day. Since Colombia is so mountainous, flights are more popular to get from city to city than driving.

Make sure you share your fight arrival details with your dentist in Cali, Colombia so they can have one of their staff members receive you from the airport once you land. If time is of the essence, you may opt to see your Colombian dentist directly after you land.

This is a common practice among many working professionals who specifically take time off of work to come to Cali, Colombia to save thousands of dollars on premier cosmetic dental care. Many will take advantage of Saturday since most dental offices are open then and most professionals have off.

Congrats! You’re closer to saving thousands of dollars by getting premier dental work in Cali, Colombia.

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