Not All Cosmetic Dentists in Cali, Colombia Are Created Equal

Picking the best cosmetic dentist in Cali for you

So, you have decided to challenge the status quo and are thinking “outside of the box” by considering dental tourism. Good for you, as you may be able to save up to 70% on cosmetic dental procedures.

As such, you know you are on the right track, but deep down you also know there is more to simply picking an overseas dentist solely based on an internet search or even more importantly, price. You need to see a solid track-record, independent reviews, and clear, transparent pricing.

The following will help you understand how we approach cosmetic dentistry in Cali, Colombia and why you can have complete confidence in us.

While dental prices are 70% less, how can you be sure you are getting the best dentist in Cali, Colombia?

You pause, and maybe start to doubt your instincts. You think, am I really this clever and adventurous? Can I seriously pull this off? Will my friends and family think I am nuts? Relax, you are not alone, a great many first time patients have thought, and struggled, with this.

The good news is that we can help you! We go out of our way to make your total experience a pleasant and effective one, that minimizes any angst or stress and caters to your personality and needs. Further, we promise to be contactable 24/7 should any need arise, dental or otherwise.

Factors to consider when deciding between cosmetic dentists in Cali, Colombia

Any dentist can claim to be the best or have the lowest prices. But, how do you determine who is right for you, or who is accurately and comprehensively portraying their background?

Here are some things we recommend you check out:

  • Credentials and Experience

  • Hygiene Protocols

  • Guarantee of Work Performed

  • Quality of Materials

  • Concierge Service

  • Language Skill

  • Transparent Pricing

Keep reading. The following expands on all of the above items.

What are the credentials and experience of our dentist in Cali, Colombia?

Where did the dentist study? Is it an accredited university? How about postgraduate study or specialization? How much experience does the dentist have in cosmetic dentistry and implantology?

Rest assured, we have clearly listed the credentials, experience, and reputation of our dentists. Also, all of our dentists have at least 10 years of experience.

What are the hygiene protocols of our dentist in Cali, Colombia?

We strictly adhered to and comply with the highest US standards. From sanitizing of dental tools and the office, to how the dentist and their staff use gloves and face masks. Your health and comfort are paramount.

Does our dentist in Cali, Colombia guarantee their work?

Full and simple, we stand behind our work. In the rare case of an issue during the various warranty periods, we will fix the issue for free. Just come back and we will take care of it. Some guarantees include 3 years for an implant and 1 year for a crown.

What is the quality of the materials of our dentist in Cali, Colombia?

This is an area where you really need to do your homework. There are so many products and manufacturers, it can seem hard to decide which are the best. We have done that research and use only the highest quality, name brand products from US and German manufacturers such as: Biohorizons, Zimmer, Straumann, and Microdent.

Further, all of our porcelain veneers, crowns, and bridges are custom made to your exact requirements. Our dentist will carefully measure and assess your specific needs, and ensure the laboratory produces to their exact requirements.

Finally, we do not use cheap and inferior products from other countries as patients almost certainly face potentially serious issues with their use. Often times, buying cheap and inferior, will cost you more in the long run. Stay with quality, name brand manufacturers.

What concierge service does our dentist in Cali, Colombia provide?

Unless you are a seasoned international traveler, you are likely going to have nervousness about going to a foreign country for dental care. We understand that and will provide you free concierge service.

This means, we pick you up at the airport with an English speaking driver. From there, we help you check into your hotel, and take you to, or show you where the dental office is located.

What is the English language skill of our dentist in Cali, Colombia?

Our Dentist, their administrative assistant, and drivers speak English. We understand it is important for you to be able to clearly communicate with someone who understands and speaks English.

Whether it is when we meet you at the airport, help you check into your hotel, or when you are in the dental office. Rest assured, you will be clearly understood.

Does our dentist in Cali, Colombia have transparent and clear pricing for all the work they perform?

We do not require any upfront deposits, nor do we charge for an office visit. As such, you are not obligated in any way to have any dental work done.

If you want to proceed, we guarantee you that the prices we charge, as clearly listed on our website, will be what you pay for any given procedure. There are no gimmicks or bait and switch.

Further, upfront we try very hard to give you an accurate quote. However, until we examine you and/or review x-rays, we can not know for sure what procedures you need.

Of course, you are in full control as to which, if any, procedures you would like done. But, again, the price for any given procedure is clearly listed on our website, and we will not deviate from that price.

Get started with our dentist in Cali, Colombia at no cost or obligation!

Visit our website for more details and patient reviews. So, take a deep breath and go for it. Start with a free, virtual consultation without any obligation or cost. Plus, we do not require any upfront deposits. Happy Smiling!