The Cost of Dental Work in Colombia

Save 70% on cosmetic dental work in Colombia

Every year, millions of Americans and Canadians travel to Colombia, South America to get their dental work done for about a third the price, all without a single drop in quality of care.

And to top it off, you get to visit one of the most beautiful countries in the entire world. To give you an idea, here is a list of some popular dental procedure costs in Colombia.

Cost of Dental Work in Colombia

Titanium Implant, Abutment, with Porcelain Crown $1,385
"All on Four" (fixed acrylic bridge) $7,895
Composite Veneer $250
20 Composite Veneers ($500 Off) $4,500
Porcelain Veneer $490
10 Porcelain Veneers ($300 Off) $4,600
20 Porcelain Veneers ($1,800 Off) $8,000
Porcelain Crown $590
Root Canal Treatment (post, core, porcelain crown) $790
Laser Teeth Whitening (1 session) $100

Priced in USD

The blog post below will explain what goes into the total cost of dental work in Colombia. Even with travel costs, you can still save thousands of dollars on premier cosmetic dental work. Enjoy!

Why is the cost of dental work in Colombia so low?

How can you have quality cosmetic dental work done in Colombia for such an inexpensive price? There are many factors that go into it but the main one is how cheap the cost of labor is in Colombia.

Everything is cheaper because of it. Rent, food, services, and most everything else is about a third the price. This means your porcelain veneers will be a third the price. The US and Canadian dollar goes a long way in Colombia.

Please note that the drop in price has nothing to do with dentists in Colombia using cheaper dental products. In fact, most dentists in Colombia use the exact same top American and European dental manufacturers as dentists back home.

We proudly use BioHorizons, Microdent, Zimmer, and Straumann.

Get a quote, share previous x-rays and/or treatment plans

If you’re like many, you’ve explored getting cosmetic dental work back home but have been turned away by how expensive it is.

If you have copies of your current x-rays and/or treatment plan, please share them with your dentist in Colombia. Medical information like this will make it easier to construct a more accurate quote and dental treatment plan for you.

If these are not available, complete a free online consultation

If you don’t have prior x-rays and/or treatment plans to review, taking photos of your teeth is the next best option available.

We have a free online consultation form you can easily complete on your phone. It’s a short form that will guide you in taking 5 specific photos we need to make a proper assessment. We’re examining your bite, the straightness of your teeth, gaps, and other issues we can easily see.

Please note that these photos will not replace the need of taking x-rays and/or having a physical clinical examination. This will simply help us make a more informed initial diagnosis.

Costs for treatments with multiple phases are split between trips

A lot of dental work, especially dental implants, is done in multiple phases. If this is the case for your dental work in Colombia, know that the cost of treatment will be split between the trips. This will save you from having to have all the money up front, making things financially easier on you.

Consider the flight when calculating the cost of dental work in Colombia

The cost of dental work is not the only thing you have to keep in mind. You have to get to Colombia in the first place after all right?

Good news, there are many, inexpensive, short flights that go to Colombia on a daily basis. A lot of flights go direct to Colombia but if not, you’ll most likely connect in Florida or Georgia.

You also will not have to worry about any significant time zone changes as depending on the time of year, Colombia is in EST or PST. This is because Colombia does not observe daylight savings. This makes Colombia a better choice than Turkey, India, or Thailand in this regard.

Remember the hotel when determining the cost of dental work in Colombia

Hotel nights are another thing that will add to the total. There are many hotel options in Colombia. You can sleep in a great hotel for $40 USD a night or splurge and stay at a luxury hotel for just $150 USD a night. Hostels and Airbnbs are also great options to explore.

Think about food and transportation when figuring out the cost of dental work in Colombia

Food is inexpensive, natural, and high quality as well. You can eat like royalty in Colombia for just $15 USD a day. These costs are not so significant but they should still be factored in when totaling your cost of dental work in Colombia.

Transportation is also cheap. Taxis are everywhere and you can also call a car using Uber whenever is convenient from your phone. Again, expect things to be about a third the price.

Please know that most dentists in Colombia will also have a staff member pick you up from the airport, help you check into where you’re staying, and show you to your first appointment so things are as easy as possible for you.

Conclusion: Save thousands by getting dental work in Colombia

Still have questions about the cost of dental work in Colombia?