Why You Should Come To Dental Tourism Colombia In Cartagena For Your Cosmetic Work

There are usually one or two reasons to participate in dental tourism. First and foremost, it’s about the price, followed by the bonus vacation. You’ve heard from friends that getting work abroad is the way to go and you’re finally seriously considering it.

Good for you. You’re beating the system. You’re a savvy shopper. Getting work done in the United States is too expensive, but we don’t have to get into how inefficient the US healthcare industry is.

There are, however, 5 great reasons why you should come to us in Cartagena, Colombia for dental work over all other options.

Save 70% off premier cosmetic dental work in Cartagena, Colombia

Importantly, we’re typically 70% cheaper than places back home in the U.S. The dollar is stronger here, rent is cheaper, salaries are cheaper, the overall cost of living is cheaper, and the healthcare industry is more financially efficient than in the states.

Even with the flight, hotel, and other expenses, taking a short flight to Cartagena, Colombia for your dental care can save you 50% on the final bill. You can stay at a wonderful hotel, that’s highly rated on Booking.com, for just $40 a night. You can have a wonderful, sit-down dinner for just $5.

For extensive work like a full mouth of veneers or multiple dental implants, the cost savings alone could reach the tens of thousands. It’s kinda crazy to think about but do the math. These savings really start to add up. What could you do with an extra $10k?

We use the same cosmetic dentistry materials as dentists back home

One concern people have when looking to getting dental work abroad is the quality of materials. How will I know that the implant that you use is actually made of 100% titanium?

You can find some really cheap implants in places like China or India but the quality is just that, cheap. You’ll end up paying for it in the long run with all the extra care you’ll have to put into your mouth. You know the saying, you get what you pay for.

Rest easy knowing that we use the exact same manufacturers as dentists back home. We proudly use top American and European manufacturers BioHorizons, Mircodent, and Zimmer. Your teeth deserve the best and the best is what you shall have. It’s the same materials but 70% off the price.

Dr. Julio Oliver specializes in cosmetic dentistry

Okay fine, the materials are top quality but what about the dentist? Does he know what he’s doing? The answer is a resounding yes. He’s been practicing for 18+ years, with a specialty in implants and other cosmetic procedures.

Not only do you not have to worry about inferior materials, you don’t have to worry about lack of expertise. Dr. Julio Oliver is a seasoned professional who speaks both Spanish and English. He got multiple dental degrees.

They are as following: Implantology (Universidad Veracruzana of México), Endodoncia (University of Cartagena), and Oral Rehabilitation and Clinical Biochemistry, Masters (University of Cartagena).

It’s a short flight to Cartagena, Colombia

Sometimes you hear of people who travel all the way to Thailand for a medical procedure. Why travel so far? Why endure the long, expensive flight and subsequent jet lag? Cartagena is on the Caribbean coast of Colombia and is very accessible.

There’s a direct, 2-hour flight from Miami that flies out multiple times a day. Cartagena shares a time zone with the east coast so your body won’t have to adjust to any time zone differences. This makes coming to Cartagena easier than other options. Shorter flights also mean cheaper flights.

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Cartagena, Colombia is a beautiful getaway

You get to explore on the of oldest, most beautiful cities in all the Americas. With a rich history, vibrant Caribbean culture, Cartagena is a traveler’s delight. There’s the old neighborhood, beautiful beaches, historic sights, exquisite restaurants, and exciting nightlife.

Cartagena is a cosmopolitan city with travelers from all around the globe. When you visit, you’ll be surprised at the number of languages you hear in the city square. When you’re not in the dentist’s office, you could be eating freshly picked mangos on a pristine beach.

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