Beyond Price: How To Find The Best Colombian Cosmetic Dentist For Your Dental Implants

Going to Colombia for your dental implants is a great way to save money on premier cosmetic dentistry.

Getting dental implants back home is just too expensive and a short flight to Colombia is well worth the trip. You will save on average 70% on your dental implants, while not sacrificing quality of manufacturer and dentist skill.

To top it all off, you’ll get a bonus vacation in one of the most beautiful, bio-diverse countries in the entire world. Now all you need to do is find the best Colombia cosmetic dentist for you.

Price is still a major factor when deciding the best Colombian cosmetic dentist for you

Generally speaking, getting your cosmetic dental implants in Colombia is going to be a lot less than getting them back home in the U.S. or Canada. There are many Colombian cosmetic dentists to pick from so be sure to get quotes before you arrive.

You want to shop around for the best price. Make sure you get the total cost of the implant procedure though, and not just the implant portion.

Have your potential cosmetic dentist tally up all the costs, split between the two trips so you have a proper idea, this way you can accurately compare “apples to apples” so to speak. Don’t let sneaky pricing surprise you when you least expect it.

What dental implant manufacturers does this Colombian cosmetic dentist use?

Not all dental implant manufacturers are created equal. You may find a less expensive price for dental implants at another Colombian cosmetic dentist only to find out that they use cheap manufacturers from China or India that don’t have the proper track record of American and European industry leaders.

You want to make sure you’re getting the best dental implant manufacturers for the best possible price. We proudly use Biohorizons, Microdent, and Zimmer.

What sort of experience does this Colombian cosmetic dentist have with dental implants?

You want to make sure that the Colombian cosmetic dentist you’re considering has a good deal of experience. You will be traveling from overseas so you’ll want to work with someone who has done this for a long time. You want to minimize potential issues and reasons to return to Colombia for your dental work.

Check their website, do they have their credentials somewhere? What sort of degrees do they have? How long have they been practicing for?

Are the reviews and testimonials positive for this Colombian cosmetic dentist?

You know the old saying, you get what you pay for. You understand cost is not the only thing to consider. It is one of many factors to think about. Make sure you review the reputation of the Colombian cosmetic dentist and testimonials of the office and staff.

Do they have a page with before and after photos of their work? Do they have encouraging video testimonials of their dental work? How about good reviews on independent sites like Google? Do they have an active Instagram page?

Have you spoken with this Colombian cosmetic dentist or their office?

Have you taken some time to actually speak with the cosmetic dentists you are thinking about visiting in Colombia? Have you messaged with the office and staff? What sort of vibe do they project?

Do they speak English well enough? Do they respond quickly to inquires? You will be trusting this place with your dental health so be confident in their abilities.

Does this Colombian cosmetic dentist require an additional appointment deposit?

There are some cosmetic dentists in Colombia who ask for an appointment deposit in addition to services they will provide. Though it may not be a lot of money (typically in the $500-$1000 range), this should factor this into the total cost as well. Again, we want to be comparing “apples to apples.”

Does this Colombian cosmetic dentist offer a free consultation?

Regardless of whether it is a physical or virtual consultation, when it comes down to it, you are reviewing the total cost of the procedure and the journey down to Colombia. It does not make a difference if the dental implants at Choice A are less than expensive than at Choice B if the consultation cost makes up for the lower price.

Additionally, a free consultation limits your risk. You don’t have to spend your visit and spend money on a Colombian cosmetic dentist you may not end up working with.

Does this Colombian cosmetic dentist offer free airport pickup?

Understanding that you are traveling from abroad and that this may be the first time you’re in Colombia, many cosmetic dentists will happily pick you up from the airport. Some places will you charge extra, others will do it for free. Be sure consider this when picking the right cosmetic dentist for your dental implants.

Does this Colombian cosmetic dentist offer a dental work guarantee?

In the rare case of an issue, does the Colombian cosmetic dentist offer a guarantee on their work? If so, what is it? Having security like this limits your risk. You want to work with a cosmetic dentist that stands by their work.

Still have a question about finding the best Colombian cosmetic dentist for your dental implants?