How To Find The Best Colombian Dentist For Your Dental Work in Cartagena

Traveling to Cartagena, Colombia for dental work is a fantastic way to save on expert cosmetic dentistry

Receiving dental work back home is just too unaffordable and a quick flight to Cartagena, Colombia is well worth the journey. You will save on average 70% on your dental work, while not giving up on quality of manufacturer or dentist skill.

You will also get a bonus vacation in one of the most gorgeous Caribbean cities on the globe. All that is left is finding the best Colombia dentist for your dental work in Cartagena.

Consider cost when picking the best Colombian dentist for your dental work in Cartagena

It is no secret that having your dental work done in Cartagena, Colombia will be a lot more inexpensive than getting the care done back home. There are a good deal of Colombian cosmetic dentists to decide from so make it a priority to get complete dental quotes before you decide to travel all the way down to Cartagena. You should do your research and shop around for the most attractive price.

When comparing prices, be sure to receive the total cost of the dental work upfront. Don’t let sneaky pricing surprise you when you least expect it. Ask your questions before your arrival.

What experience does this Colombian cosmetic dentist have?

Be sure that the Colombian cosmetic dentist you are thinking about has a significant amount of dental experience. You will be journeying from abroad so you will want to entrust your dental health with an expert who has done this sort of work for a long time and with a good track record. This will help limit potential problems down the road.

Review the site, do they have their credentials posted somewhere? What sort of degrees does this Colombian dentist have? How long has their practice been around for?

Have you taken the time to speak with this Colombian cosmetic dentist or their office?

Have you spoken with the cosmetic dentists you are considering about visiting in Cartagena, Colombia? Have you emailed with the office and staff? What sort of “vibe” do they give off?

Do they speak English well enough for you? Do they respond quickly to your questions? You will be entrusting this practice with your dental care so you need to be confident in their capabilities.

Are there positive reviews and testimonials for this Colombian cosmetic dentist in Cartagena?

You’ve heard it before, you get what you pay for. You understand price is not the only thing that matters. It is one of many considerations to ponder. Research the reputation of this Colombian cosmetic dentist and reviews of the staff and practice.

Can you see before and after photos of the dental work? Do they share positive video reviews of their dental work? How about encouraging reviews on independent sites like Google or Yelp? Do they post to their Instagram page frequently?

Is there an additional appointment deposit for this Colombian cosmetic dentist in Cartagena?

Many cosmetic dentists in Cartagena, Colombia ask for an appointment deposit in addition to services they will render. Though it may not be an overwhelming total (typically in the $500-$1000 range), this should factor into the total cost as well. This in an effort to compare “apples to apples.”

Is there a free consultation with this Colombian cosmetic dentist in Cartagena?

Independent of whether it is a physical or virtual consultation, again, you are reviewing the total cost of the dental work and the visit down to Cartagena, Colombia. It does not make a difference if the dental work at Practice A is less expensive than at Practice B if the consultation cost makes up the difference for the lower cost.

To add, a free consultation limits your risk. You don’t need to spend your stay and spend money on a Colombian cosmetic dentist you may not end up working with.

Is there a guarantee for the work this Colombian cosmetic dentist does?

In the rare case of a dental problem, does the Colombian cosmetic dentist offer a guarantee on their services? If so, what is it? Having security and comfort like this limits your risk. You want to work with a cosmetic dentist that stands by their dental work.

Does this Colombian cosmetic dentist in Cartagena use the best dental manufacturers?

Not all dental manufacturers are created equal. You may find a less expensive price for dental implants at another Colombian cosmetic dentist only to learn that the office uses inexpensive manufacturers from India or China that don’t have the esteemed reputation of top American and European industry leaders.

Be sure you are receiving the top dental manufacturers for the best possible price tag. We proudly use Biohorizons, Microdent, and Zimmer.

Will the office of this Colombian cosmetic dentist pick you up from the Cartagena airport?

Understanding that you are visiting from overseas and that this could be the first time you’re in Cartagena, Colombia, many cosmetic dentists will gladly receive you the airport.

Some practices will charge extra, others will do it complimentary. Consider this when picking the right cosmetic dentist for your dental work.

Still have a question about finding the best Colombian dentist for your dental work in Cartagena?