Calculating The Cost Of Dental Implants In Medellin, Colombia

Save thousands on dental implants in Medellin, Colombia

Did you know? The cost of a dental implant in Medellin is close to a third the price than in the US or Canada. Here’s a reference table of popular dental implants procedure and usual prices in Medellin, Colombia.

Cost of Dental Implants in Medellin, Colombia

Titanium Implant, Abutment, with Porcelain Crown $1,385
Zirconia Implant, Abutment, with Zirconia Crown $1,500
"All on Four" (fixed acrylic bridge) $7,895
"All on Six" (fixed acrylic bridge) $9,580
Bone Graft and Membrane $420

Priced in USD

Below we will identify the individual components and costs associated in getting dental implants in Colombia.

Does a dental implant consultation cost anything in Medellin?

If you haven’t physically been seen by your local dentist and discussed getting dental implants, you should, at the very least, have a virtual online consultation with your Colombian dentist before you purchase round trip flights and organize a journey down.

Both, our online and physical consultations are free of charge. If you are considering another dental practice, ensure they will not make you pay for a consultation.

Please note that an online consultation will not be considered a complete evaluation. For dental implants, a physically examination is required and 3D x-rays will need to be taken to assess your jaw bone for dental implants.

How much does a 3D x-ray cost in Medellin?

3D x-rays cost about $70 USD in Medellin. In Colombia however, x-rays of this nature are usually performed in nearby specialized facilities. Unlike in the US or Canada, dental clinics do not house their own machines.

And because many dental and medical offices often cluster around each other in a particular district, chances are an x-ray center will be in walking distance. Most Colombian dentists will have a staff member take you to the x-ray center and aid you in getting the correct type of x-ray, and in a format that the dentist would like best.

What’s the price for a tooth extraction in Medellin, Colombia?

For the most part, there are three classes of tooth extractions, simple ($90), surgical/impacted ($150), and wisdom ($220).

Since not all patients will require tooth extractions and not all extractions are priced the same, tooth extractions are not baked into the implant procedure cost. Depending on your situation, this will be a separate cost that will be need to be accounted for.

What’s the price of a dental bone graft for in Medellin?

Depending on what your 3D x-ray reveals, you may require a bone graft if your jaw bone does not have enough bone to support a dental implant. You should know that these bone grafts do not come from your own body, instead they come from bovine (cows, oxes, etc.) We charge $230 per bone graft gram.

If a patient needs a bone graft, they typically require 1-2 grams per tooth. Should a patient need significant bone grafts, an additional trip prior may be needed.

What’s the price of the implant portion of the dental implant procedure in Medellin, Colombia?

The implant portion of the dental implant procedure is the screw or rod that gets surgically placed into a jaw bone. Many offices will advertise this portion of the dental implant procedure as a way to distort the total cost of the procedure. We do not feel this is particularly forthcoming or honest since most patients do not know this.

We charge $1,385 USD for a complete dental implant procedure, this includes the implant portion, the abutment (post), and the crown (cap). If you simply asked for the implant portion price, it would be $795.

Again, many practices will advertise the $795 as the implant price, not disclosing the additional costs like the ones explained in this blog post.

What’s the price of the abutment and crown portion of the dental implant procedure in Medellin, Colombia?

Again, we bake these components of the dental implant procedure into a single $1,385 but many practices do not. You need to be sure you’re comparing “apples to apples” so to speak.

If you asked us how much we charge for the abutment and crown, we’d say $590. Please note that not all implants or crowns are the same, these are general prices.

Usually these implants are made of titanium, sometimes zirconia and the crowns are made of porcelain and sometimes zirconia.

Every dental implant manufacturers will have their own unique crowns that will work their implants. The costs will vary slightly but these numbers are ballparks. We Microdent, BioHorizons, Zimmer, Straumann.

What’s the price of a temporary crown in Medellin, Colombia?

Another part of the dental implant procedure that many don’t realize till the end is that you have to pay additionally for temporary crowns. With the complex and variable nature of dental implants, it is difficult to include these into the price, just like extractions.

Some dental implant procedures will need individual temporary crowns while others will need temporary dentures.

As you may know, dental implant procedures are usually done in 2-3 phases. The first is when the implant/rod itself is surgically placed into your jaw bone. After, you need to wait 4-6 months for this implant to fuse with your jaw bone.

Before you leave Medellin, you will be provided a lighter, temporary crowns so you have a complete smile and that chewing feed is significantly easier and more comfortable.

Once the implant and the jaw bone have fused, you return to Medellin to have your permanent, heavier crowns placed. With proper care, these crowns will last you the rest of your days.

What’s the price of IV sedation in Medellin, Colombia?

Depending on the quantity of dental implants you are receiving, IV sedation might be optional and not required.

One or two implants can be achieved with laughing gas but if you’re planning on getting more during a single session, it is strongly recommended you get IV sedation as it will help the Colombian dentist keep you steady for a longer period of time. This will ensure proper placement and healing.

Of course you can always choose to have IV sedation even if you do not require it. Many patients simply fear any dental procedure and would rather be out for its entirety. If you’re curious, our office charges $470 for IV sedation in Medellin.

Are there additional medication costs with getting dental implants in Medellin?

Pain medication should be prescribed or provided by the dentist in Medellin doing the work. These costs should not amount to much but ask ahead of time to know for sure.

We include it in our cost but you should understand the policy of the Colombian dentist who will be performing the dental implant procedure.

Is a deposit necessary for my dental implant procedure in Medellin?

Some dentists in Medellin will ask for a dental appointment deposit of around $500. Even though you will get this money back at the end, understanding that this money may be asked of you in advance will be helpful when it comes time to budget for your trip.

Our offices do not require a deposit, we simply request your flight information instead. This serves two purposes. 1. It tells us you’re serious about visiting Medellin (instead of a deposit) and 2. Helps us organize your free airport pick up.

What’s the price of round-trip flights to Medellin, Colombia?

Depending on where you will be flying from, when you decide to buy tickets, and with how much advance notice, round trip flights to Medellin, Colombia can range from $300-$700 USD. You may have to connect in another Colombian city though.

Please note that most dental implant procedures require two trips, sometimes three.

How much will I pay for hotels while I’m in Medellin?

There are many quality hotels and hostels in Medellin to choose from. You will find great hotels starting at $40 a night, and some that can reach $250 depending on how extravagant you’d like to get.

Hostels are also a popular, cheaper options. Airbnb rates vary depending on neighborhood as well.

How much will transportation (taxi, subway, Uber) cost while I’m in Medellin?

Transportation is Medellin is inexpensive. Taxis to any part of the major city can be around $5. The subway is even cheaper and Uber costs are comparable to taxis.

Depending on how much sightseeing you’d like to do while you’re down here (though you will also be having dental surgery so please take it easy for a few days), the costs should not be too high.

Will there by any international transaction fees while paying for my dental implants in Medellin?

International costs will vary depending on the bank you use. Please consult them before coming to Medellin if you’d like to know before paying. You should also let them know that you will be traveling so put a travel notice on your card. You do not want your card declined after the work has been done.

What additional expenses will I encounter while getting dental implants in Medellin?

Good news, additional expenses are minimal. Food is of high, natural quality in Medellin and it’s inexpensive. You can eat like royalty for $15 a day while you’re here. You may also elect to purchase a temporary international data plan for your cell so you can use it without worrying.

Though Wifi is often available, you may not want to risk not being without cell service at any moment. For many, it will be your first time in Medellin.

Conclusion: Calculating the price of dental implants in Medellin, Colombia

Though you save 70% on dental implants by coming to Medellin, there are a some additional costs you will have to think about, mostly in regards to travel and transportation.

When calculating total trip costs, be sure you are including the consultations, x-rays, extractions, the complete dental implant procedure (implant, abutment, crown), temporary crowns, IV sedation, medications, deposits, flights, hotels, transportation, international transaction fees, and other miscellaneous costs.

Coming to Medellin, Colombia for your dental implants is worth it. You’ll even get a bonus vacation to a wonderful new city as well.

Still have a question about the cost of getting dental implants in Medellin, Colombia?