Getting All On Four Dental Implants in Cali, Colombia (Best Price, Travel Cost, and More)

Save tens of thousands of dollars on All on Four dental implants in Cali, Colombia

You can receive premier cosmetic dentistry done for 70% off U.S. dental cost, without a decrease in quality of dental care. Millions of Americans and Canadians travel to Cali, Colombia every year for this express purpose.

Cost of Dental Implants in Cali, Colombia

Titanium Implant, Abutment, with Porcelain Crown $1,385
Zirconia Implant, Abutment, with Zirconia Crown $1,500
"All on Four" (fixed acrylic bridge) $7,895
"All on Six" (fixed acrylic bridge) $9,580
Bone Graft and Membrane $420

Priced in USD

There are, however, a few supplemental logistics to getting your All on Four dental implants done in Cali, Colombia. We hope this post will clear things up for you with these high level steps discussed below.

Identify the best Colombian dentist in Cali for All on Four dental implants

Colombia is known for having many quality cosmetic dentists who perform All on Four dental implant procedures. Colombia has a reputation across the world as a center for dental tourism because of it.

Patients from all over the globe come to Colombia to get their All on Four procedures done. Please note that not every dentist in Cali, Colombia is trained for dental implants, ensure you identify one who specializes in the All on Four procedure.

Begin your online research. Search Cali, Colombia’s best cosmetic dentist for All on Four dental implants and see what the web turns up. Review the dentist's online presence, follow their dental work on Instagram, and read patient reviews and testimonials. Call up the office and speak with a representative.

It’s important you find a cosmetic dentist you’re comfortable with. You should take a look at Dr. Juan Fernando Uribe from our Cali office. His passion is dental implants and we’re confident you’ll feel at ease with him.

Get an All on Four dental implant procedure quote, share your dental work x-rays and/or treatment plans

After you have identified a cosmetic dentist from Cali, Colombia who you would like to perform your All on Four dental implant procedure, contact their dental office.

If you have had a previous consultation with a local dentist about getting the All on Four dental implants before, please share your x-rays and/or dental treatment plans. This will be a big help in ensuring your dental quote is as accurate as possible.

Getting All On Four Dental Implants in Cali, Colombia (Best Price, Travel Cost, and More) 3.png

If you do not have a digital copy of your x-rays, simply call up the office and ask. Most places will not hesitate to give you what you need. Some may be a little slow on the draw in fear of you leaving their practice though, be prepared for that. It’s a defensive move.

Compare All on Four dental implant procedure costs for the best price

You may decide to identify another one or two dentists in Cali, Colombia to compare All on Four prices and service. Please note that cost shouldn’t be the single criteria in deciding on a cosmetic dentist.

You ultimately want quality dental care at an exceptional price, not mediocre work at a cheap price. Have a little perspective, you are already saving tens of thousands of dollars by getting your All on Four dental implants done in Cali, Colombia.

If procedure costs are more or less the same, go with the dentist you feel the most comfortable with, the one with better photos and reviews online, the office that is the more attentive.

We’re confident our office in Cali with Dr. Juan Fernando Uribe will make you feel right at home.

Ensure your cosmetic dentist in Cali, Colombia has a dental work guarantee

An additional way to aid you in deciding which cosmetic dentist in Cali, Colombia to go with could be whether or not they promote a dental work guarantee. A dentist that stands by their work is a reliable one. If the dentist does have a dental work guarantee, what are the details? How long is it? What does it cover?

You’ll be happy to know that Dr. Juan Fernando Uribe in Cali, Colombia will redo any work that needs fixing for free. All you need to do is come back for the work. We support an industry standard year warranty for dental crowns, and three years for implants.

Purchase your flights to Cali, Colombia

Once you’ve decided on a dentist in Cali, Colombia for your All on Four dental implants, it’s time for you to purchase your flights.

Before you book, ensure the dental office knows you’re coming and that their schedule has enough availability to attend to you. It would be a real bummer if you came all the way to Cali, Colombia and the dentist could not serve you.

The majority of Colombian dentists can help you with free airport pickup. For many dental patients, it is their first time leaving their home country and having a friendly face greet them at the airport is always appreciated. Be sure to coordinate this with the office beforehand.

Find a place to stay while you are visiting Cali, Colombia

There are plenty of wonderful hotels, hostels, and Airbnbs to stay at Cali, Colombia while you’re here for your All on Four dental implants. There are familiar chain hotels like the Holiday Inn, Marriott, and Hilton. There are affordable hostels, charming mom and pop run bed and breakfasts, to kind folks renting out their apartments on Airbnb.

Ideally, patients stay close to the dental office, making it easy to get to appointments by either taxi, Uber, or by simply walking. Most likely the dental office will have a list of recommended, nearby, quality hotels that you could check out.

Book your All on Four dental implant appointment

Many dentists in Cali, Colombia require deposits when you make an appointment. You will be happy to know that we do not, we simply ask for your flight information so we know that you are serious about coming to Cali, Colombia and so that we can coordinate free airport pick up.

Talk with the dental office and make sure you officially have a dental appointment. You will also want to ask about payment options. Do they take major debit/credit cards? Will they accept cash in US dollar bills or in Colombia Pesos? What credit and debit cards do they support?

Have your dentist in Cali, Colombia arrange for someone to receive you from the airport

As just mentioned, many dentists in Cali, Colombia have staff that will pick you up from the airport. They will most likely have your name on a poster board, handle your luggage, and then drive you to where you are staying.

If it’s a hotel, they should help you get checked in as well. If you’re arriving with more than 4 in your party, I would alert the dental office so they can accommodate it.

Go to your first All on Four dental implant appointment and meet your dentist from Cali, Colombia

Since time is always a consideration, patients will often choose to see their dentist as soon as possible. In a lot of instances, the same person who receives you up from the airport will escort you to your first dental appointment so you get there on time, learn how the building looks, and how to find the dental office for future appointments.

Chances are, it will be up to you to get to your following appointments. It will not be hard to do though.

During this appointment, you and your Colombian dentist will discuss your All on Four dental implant procedure. They’ll do a physical examination to make sure everything looks good before getting dental scans done.

Have dental x-rays completed for your All on Four dental implant procedure

Regardless of whether or not you shared previous dental x-rays and/or dental treatment plans with the office, most Colombian dentists will have new ones taken while you’re here in Cali, Colombia.

Unlike in North America, in Colombia, patients have x-rays done in separate facilities specialized in taking all manner of medical scans. This is simply a different model of how dentistry is done in Colombia. Most of the time it’s a nearby walk or ride as medical buildings tend to gather around themselves in a single district.

Start Phase 1 of your All on Four dental implant procedure in Cali, Colombia

Once your x-rays have been completed and your dentist in Cali, Colombia reviews that you have enough space and bone to support the All on Four dental implant procedure, the work will begin. You’ll either be provided laughing gas or an IV sedation before dental work is started so you don’t feel any pain.

If any tooth extractions and/or bone grafts are necessary, they will need to be done at this point as well.

Getting All On Four Dental Implants in Cali, Colombia (Best Price, Travel Cost, and More) 3

The main purpose of this phase however is to insert the actual rods themselves, the four implant that will hold your new bridge set of teeth, into your jaw bone. You will be given a temporary denture to wear. This temporary solution will serve you for 5-6 months while the implants fuses with your jaw bone.

Heal and come back for a dental check up before leaving Cali, Colombia

You will need to heal 5-10 days before flying back home. Please keep in mind that this is extensive dental surgery and that you will need time to heal after it is done.

Keep it easy for the next few days by resting a lot and drinking soups and smoothies. Your dentist in Cali, Colombia will be able to tell you more about post procedure care in person.

Before you depart from Cali, Colombia, you’ll have a follow up appointment with your Colombian dentist to ensure everything is progressing as expected. You will be given post procedure dental care instructions and a schedule for when you should come back to Cali, Colombia for your next and final phase of your All on Four dental implant procedure.

Wait 5-6 months then return to Cali, Colombia for the Final Phase of your All on Four dental implant procedure

So the designated time has passed and you’re feeling fantastic. You have purchased your flights and hotel as you have done before already. You fly over, land, get picked up from the airport, and checked into whenever you’re staying just like last time.

You see your dentist in Cali, Colombia to ensure everything is progressing according to plan. You’ll need to take new dental x-rays to confirm this.

If everything looks good, the permanent fixed bridge of full teeth will be added. Talk with your dentist in Cali, Colombia but you will probably have to stay for 2 weeks as the new bridge is being custom made for you. Additional treatment instructions will be provided as well.

You’ve completed your All on Four dental implant procedure in Cali, Colombia!

With proper care, this new set of teeth will last you the rest of your life. Congratulations on increasing the quality of your life!

Still have questions about getting All on Four dental implants in Cali, Colombia?