How To Find The Best Cosmetic Dentist in Cali, Colombia

Save thousands by getting cosmetic dental work done in Cali, Colombia

It’s no surprise that millions of Americans and Canadians fly down to Cali, Colombia to have cosmetic dental work performed at a fraction of the price they’re used to back home. Generally speaking, you can save 70% off cosmetic dental care costs.

There’s also not a drop in quality of care or materials used for the procedures. For the most part, you are simply saving on cost of labor.

Colombia as a country has invested a lot of resources, energy, and time into their medical industries, winning the attention of the international community and becoming a popular medical tourism center. Cosmetic dentistry in Cali is no exception.

With many excellent and qualified dentists in Cali, the question is not if you should go but rather who you should see when you’re down here.

This blog post will identify what we believe are the necessary requirements you should use to help you pick out the best dentist in Cali for your cosmetic dental work.

Determine what cosmetic dental work you’d like done in Cali, Colombia

You can narrow your choice of dentist in Cali by understanding the type of cosmetic dental work you need done. Are you considering dental implants? You may want to find a dentist in Cali who has a specialty in doing just that.

Are they experienced in performing the All on Four or All on Six dental implant procedure? Are you thinking about for porcelain crowns? What about porcelain veneers? How about some teeth whitening in Colombia? Find a dentist with an exceptional track record of success doing the exact dental procedure you want performed.

If you’re unsure, find a dentist in Cali who offers a free online consultation

If you’re like many folks, you’re aware that you should see a dentist or that you’d like a better smile but you’re not exactly confident what could be done. If this sounds familiar, you should find a dentist in Cali who offers a free online consultation that you can complete before you book flights down to Colombia.

It is better to know what dental work you will need done before requesting time off of work and planning your trip down to Cali. Knowing what work you’ll be getting done before you arrive will make it easy to receive a dental procedure cost quote.

You want a total understanding of how much money you will be spending (and saving) before traveling to Cali, Colombia for your cosmetic dental care.

Some dentist in Cali will charge a small service fee for this, others may not. Here at Dental Tourism Colombia, we offer a free online consultation by clicking the button below.

We will need you to take 5 well-lit, close up, not blurry photos as the form will guide you. Make sure your back molars are touching when biting down. We will typically contact you back in 2-3 business days.

Explore costs, what are the prices for this dentist in Cali, Colombia?

Cost in an important factor, if it wasn’t you more than likely would not be considering coming to Cali, Colombia for your cosmetic dental care. Have the dental office come up with a quote  so you have a good sense on how much money you will spend on the procedure when you’re down here.

When will you have to pay for the dental procedure? Will they accept your type of credit or debit card? Be sure to understand how they do payments at that office.

Remember, you do not want to simply pick the cheapest option available to you. You know the saying, you get what you pay for. Have a little perspective. You will be saving thousands of dollars by getting cosmetic dental work done in Cali for about a third the cost than what you’d be paying back home.

Don’t nickel and dime over a couple hundred dollars. If you are coming all the way to Cali for premier cosmetic dental care, go with the best, not the cheapest.

How many days will you need to stay in Cali, Colombia?

For the most part, you can anticipate similar turnaround times for most dental procedures among the dentists. You will need to know how many days you will be asked to stay in Cali for your trip planning purposes.

If time is short and of the essence (you may only have a few days available) then you may elect to see a dentist who can create your custom made porcelain veneers and crowns faster than most.

Dentists in Cali, Colombia with their own in house lab, or a close relationship with local dental lab, will have the ability to custom make your permanent veneers faster than a dentist who does not.

Also, some dentists in Cali will decide not to be open on the weekends which will increase the number of days you will be required to stay as well. Many patients take advantage of the weekends to get their cosmetic dental work done.

However, chances are you will not need to stay in Cali for more than an entire week. As you can imagine, cosmetic dental procedures can vary in duration, some only take 1 day, others 2-3, and some will need a whole week.

Discuss this with your dentist in Cali beforehand and understand how long you will need before planning your trip down.

How experienced is this dentist in Cali, Colombia?

Decide on the most experienced cosmetic dentist in Cali you can who can perform the procedure you want done. You should know how long your Colombian dentist has been practicing cosmetic dentistry, how long their dental clinic has been in business, and other signs that give insight to their level of expertise.

Most websites will clearly outline a dentist’s credentials so all you may have to do is a quick search of their site.

If this information is not easily accessible, you may have to directly ask for this information by communicating the office. However way you do it, you should get a hold of this information as it will be an important part in deciding on the best dentist in Cali for your cosmetic dental work.

Read testimonials. What have previous patients said about this dentist in Cali?

You want to get your cosmetic dental work done by a dentist in Cali with an excellent reputation. Do not risk getting dental work done by a Colombian dentist who has not been put to the test.

A fantastic way to find out how your experience will be with a given dentist is by reviewing the reviews written by previous patients they have worked on. What have they said about this dentist in Cali’s quality of dental work?

How professional is the staff? Is the office clean and put together? Understanding these will make sure you have an overall quality dental experience.

Read reviews from many sources. Check out their website, follow their Instagram page for a while, see if any blogs, press, or news outlets have written about their dental work, and if they have any reviews written on independent sites like Google. Independent testimonials on independent sites are very credible.

Does this dentist in Cali, Colombia offer a work guarantee?

In the rare case of an issue, what will the dental office be prepared to do? What if something goes wrong? Does the dentist in Cali offer a dental work guarantee? How long will you be covered by this warranty? What are the details?

For example, we stand by our work at Dental Tourism Colombia. If something does happen in the industry standard guarantee window of 1-3 years (1 for crowns, 3 for implants) then we will gladly redo the work for free. This is to cover if the work was improperly made in the lab or improperly installed. All you need to do is come back to see us and we will take care of the rest.

Does this dentist in Cali, Colombia use quality dental manufacturers?

As mentioned earlier in this post, do not simply go with the cheapest dentist in Cali. You should identify a dentist who uses quality materials and manufacturers for the work they will be performing on you.

What manufacturer do they use for dental implants? What materials are these veneers and crowns made out of? Avoid cheaply made products from China or India that will not last long.

We proudly use top American and European dental manufacturers, BioHorizons, Microdent, Zimmer, and Straumann.

Will the office of this dentist in Cali receive you from the airport?

Though not the most important part in identifying which dentist in Cali is best for you, having free airport pickup is a fantastic bonus, something that can separate a dentist from another. This may be your first time to Cali, Colombia so it makes things easier knowing a friendly face will greet you at the airport after you get through customs.

This may also factor into your impression of the overall level of service provided by your Colombian dentist. If a dentist in Cali has a staff member receive you from the airport, it’s an excellent indication that they are serious and professional cosmetic caregivers.

Communicate with the office of this dentist in Cali, Colombia

One of the most important things you can do to help you find the best dentist in Cali for your cosmetic dental needs is to simply get in contact them before making a decision. How easily can you get in touch with them? Do they have a number you can easily call without downloading a new app?

How clearly do they answer your dental questions? How is their English on the phone or in emails? The quality of service you should expect to receive begins with the first contact you have with them.

If they are thoughtful, attentive, and professional from the very beginning, then there is a high probability that they will behave the same throughout your time with them.

There is certainly something to say about how well you get along with the staff and dentist. Personal chemistry is important and you want to feel comfortable with the people who will be doing complicated cosmetic dental work on you.

Conclusion: Identify the best dentist in Cali for you and you only

As outlined above, there are a handful of criteria that you should take into consideration when deciding on the best dentist in Cali for your cosmetic dental care. Please do not make this decision on a whim and without research.

Take your time asking your questions and understand the answers they provide. It is a good idea to know what cosmetic dental work you need before you travel to Cali, Colombia, and to have a general idea on how much money it will cost and how long the entire procedure will take.

Read online reviews written by previous patients and make sure this dentist has a work guarantee. Their general quality of communication should be taken into consideration as well.

Cali, Colombia is filled with many exceptional dentists, we’re confident you can find one that will make you happy. We’d love to be considered though :)

Still have questions about finding the best cosmetic dentist in Cali, Colombia?