How to save lots of money by getting your teeth done in Colombia

Dental care in Colombia is a third the price

Every year, millions of Canadians and Americans travel to Colombia, South America to save thousands of dollars on dental care. Typically, you can save up to 70% on dental care compared to the prices you’re familiar with back home.

This is all delivered without a drop in quality in care, as dentists in Colombia use the same materials and manufacturers as dentists back home. You’re really just saving on cost of labor.

Getting your teeth done in Colombia

Titanium Implant, Abutment, with Porcelain Crown $1,385
"All on Four" (fixed acrylic bridge) $7,895
Composite Veneer $250
20 Composite Veneers ($500 Off) $4,500
Porcelain Veneer $490
10 Porcelain Veneers ($300 Off) $4,600
20 Porcelain Veneers ($1,800 Off) $8,000
Porcelain Crown $590
Root Canal Treatment (post, core, porcelain crown) $790
Laser Teeth Whitening (1 session) $100

Priced in USD

And to make things even more attractive, you also get a bonus vacation to one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

To pull this off, all that is required are a few additional logistical sets and a little research. The article below will provide you with an outline to saving a good deal of money by getting your teeth done in Colombia. Enjoy!

Get an estimate for getting your teeth done in Colombia

One of the first things you’ll want to do is to get an estimate for what it will cost for you to get your teeth done in Colombia. This can mean many things.

Will you just need porcelain veneers? What about porcelain crowns? Will you need gum shaping or some laser teeth whitening? What about dental implants or bridges? There are many ways to get your teeth done in Colombia so find out.

Identify a handful of Colombian dentists that you’d like to visit, and then compare their dental procedure prices among themselves. Are they all similar? If not, then please disregard any outliers.

Colombian dentists that are overpriced may be taking advantage of foreigners like yourself, and dentists that are too cheap may signal a lack in quality of care.

Another important note, ensure you are properly comparing the same dental procedure across dentists. As confusing as it may be for someone who doesn’t work in the dental industry, nomenclature for dental offices can vary from place to place.

For example, some offices use the word porcelain while others will say ceramic when talking about the exact same material. This is also true for composite and resin, abutment and post, and on and on. The goal in the end is to make sure you’re comparing the prices of the same procedure across the board.

Do a free online consultation with your dentist in Colombia

Comparing dental prices across a few different offices is one thing, having a Colombian dentist take the time to look at your teeth and come up with an initial dental treatment plan is a completely different thing all together.

You can’t save thousands of dollars by getting your teeth done in Colombia if you don’t know what dental work that needs to be performed in the first place. In most cases, you may be able to send a few photos to a dentist in Colombia and they will do their best to give you a proper treatment plan.

Please keep in mind that these photos are used for a simple estimate, and that a proper clinical assessment, and oftentimes times xrays, will be needed to give a detailed estimate.

Some dentists in Colombia may ask for any xrays and/or treatment plans you may have to help make an initial diagnosis. Please share these if you have them available.

Read testimonials of your dentist in Colombia

Assuming you’re happy with the consultation and initial treatment plan, you will want to make sure that this dentist is Colombia is the real deal. How qualified are they? What degrees do they have? How long have they been doing this sort of work?

And most importantly, what have previous patients said about their experience with this dentist? Find out by checking their site for a testimonial page and by reviewing independent sites like Google Maps or Yelp.

Examining photos of their dental work on their Instagram page may not be the same as reading first hand reviews but they are certainly a legitimate way of judging the quality of care you will experience from a given dentist in Colombia. Make sure to check out their social media.

Talk with the clinic of your dentist in Colombia

Let’s imagine you’ve done the online consultation already and you’re happy with the quote and treatment plan your Colombian dentist has drawn up for you. You’ve also checked out what others have had to say about the quality of care they’ve received, and the reviews and photos all look great to you. What’s next?

It’s strongly encouraged that you actually speak with the dental office of the Colombian dentist you’d like to visit. This is vital as it will give you a good sense of whether or not you will be able to have a productive discussion about your dental care. You need to be able to properly communicate. That’s important right?

Here are a few questions may want to ask yourself while you’re engaging with the office. How professional are they? How good is their English? Does any party have any difficulty understanding the other? Does the dental office respond quickly and informatively to all of your questions?

If you answer yes to all of these questions, then it may be time to talk to them about the dates you’d like to visit.

Can you take off of work? You need to make sure the dental office can see you before you book your flights, use your vacation days, and journey to Colombia. It would be a real shame if you did all of that work only to find out that the dentist in Colombia is completely booked for the time you’re here and cannot see you.

Many dentists in Colombia will also have one of their staff members pick you up from the airport, help you check into wherever you’re staying, and escort you to your first appointment as well. For many dental patients, this is their first time to Colombia, and some, the first time they’re leaving their home country.

A concierge service like this has a goal of making your arrival as easy as possible. Talking with the dental office before making an appointment will ensure that they will be able to coordinate this airport pick up. This is often a complimentary service as well.

Purchase flights to Colombia, South America

After you’ve decided on a dentist in Colombia and the office has given you the green light on the dates you’d like your dental work performed, it’s time to purchase your round-trip flights. Getting to Colombia is easy from North America.

There are frequent, cheap, direct flights to Bogota and Cartagena from Florida and Georgia. Other major cities in Colombia like Cali and Medellin are short, inexpensive, hour long flights from Cartagena or Bogota.

Be sure to share your flight information with your Colombian dentist when you book so they can organize your airport pick up. If time is of the essence (as it often is), you may opt to see your Colombian dentist directly after you land.

This is a common practice among many working professionals who take time off of work specifically to come to Colombia to save thousands on getting their teeth done. Many will take advantage of Saturday since most dental offices are open then and most professionals have off.

Before you book, make sure you know how many days you will need for the procedure you want done. You don’t want to book your return flight a day before your dental treatment is scheduled to end.

Book hotel rooms for your Colombia trip

Booking a place to stay is the last step in saving thousands of dollars by getting your teeth done in Colombia. Often dentists in Colombia will recommend nearby hotels that their international patients frequently stay at. If possible, see if you can get a hold of this list and find out if these establishments have availability for the dates you’re coming down.

If not, a quick search will show you which hotels are close to the office with room for you.

And that’s that! You’re now on your way to saving lots of money by getting your teeth done in Colombia. Congrats!

Still have questions about getting your teeth done in Colombia, South America?