Your Guide To Getting Cosmetic Dental Work In Cartagena, Colombia With Dentist Dr. Julio Oliver

Having dental work done in Cartagena, Colombia is an excellent way to save 70% on expert cosmetic dentistry

But how different is the process with dentist Dr. Julio Oliver than it is back home? For the most part, no major changes, just some minor details which will be outlined in this post. Most of these changes are a result in travel logistics instead of the way the dental work is physically accomplished.

Message us first about your cosmetic dental work desires before flying to Cartagena, Colombia

Before you set foot on a plane and fly to Cartagena, Colombia, please contact us. Have you seen a local dentist about getting the cosmetic dental work you’re thinking about?

If so, do you have any scans and/or treatment plans we could take a look at? Reviewing these items before will aid us in providing you with a more up-to-date quote and treatment plan.

If you have not had a chance to see a local dentist, we request that you complete our free virtual consultation form. This short form, though it won’t replace scans and a physical examination, will provide Dr. Julio Oliver with an increased understanding of your dental needs which will, in turn, help us give you a superior dental quote.

Note that even if you do show us your dental scans, we will also take our own here in Cartagena, Colombia.

Contacting us first will also give you the opportunity to pose as many questions to us before you ultimately decide to fly down. At the very least, contacting us beforehand will ensure that we have enough availability for you. We would not like for you to arrive when our calendar is full, without opportunity to see you while you’re in Cartagena, Colombia.

Make your cosmetic dental work appointment with Dr. Julio Oliver

Once you have talked with us and are comfortable with the dental treatment plan and procedure price, it is time to officially make your cosmetic dental work appointment.

You will be glad to learn that there’s no appointment deposit with Dental Tourism Colombia. We simply ask that you share your flight information with us. This serves two important purposes:

  1. Communicates to us that you are indeed serious about making your cosmetic dental work appointment (in lieu of a deposit)

  2. Aids us in organizing your airport pickup, hotel drop off, and first appointment transportation.

To make things especially simple, we can happily recommend great hotels in walking distance to the Dental Tourism Colombia office. We’re located in the Bocagrande region of Cartagena, Colombia.

We will pick you up at the airport upon your arrival to Cartagena, Colombia

Once you land in Rafael Núñez International Airport (CTG), one of our concierge professionals will meet you at the exit terminal with your name on a board.

We will then drive you to your hotel, help you get checked in, and then escort you to your first cosmetic dental work appointment. We do this to make your trip to Cartagena, Colombia as easy as possible.

Your first cosmetic dental work appointment with dentist Dr. Julio Oliver

You’ll begin your first dental appointment with Dr. Julio Oliver with another free consultation. At this time, you two will talk in more detail about your dental goals. The dentist will also do a physical inspection of your mouth.

Should you need dental scans done, we will take you to the nearby medical facility where they are completed. One minor difference in the way dental work is done in Colombia is the fact that most medical scans (regardless of medical intensive) are done in separate, specialized facilities instead of every practice providing this service.

After the consultation (and scans, if necessary) is done and both you and Dr. Julio Oliver agree to a treatment plan, the real cosmetic dental work begins. This work is often done directly after the consultation but often times patients elect to come back the following day to start the work.

It really depends on how much time you have available to stay in Cartagena, Colombia. We understand that after a flight you may not want to get dental work done.

See Dr. Julio Oliver for a dental work check up before you leave Cartagena, Colombia

Before you head back home, you will need to have a follow up appointment with Dr. Julio Oliver. This is mostly a check up to ensure everything is progressing as expected. During this appointment, you and the dentist will discuss return dates (if applicable) and post procedure care instructions.

Your cosmetic dental work with Dr. Julio Oliver has finished. Congrats!

Still have questions about getting cosmetic dental work with dentist Dr. Julio Oliver in Cartagena, Colombia?