Why Do Dental Implants In Cartagena, Colombia Cost So Little? (They're A Third The Price)

Dental implants in Cartagena, Colombia cost $1,385 USD

Dental implants can be absurdly expensive in the US, due in part to the cost of labor and the inefficient US healthcare system. Here in Cartagena, Colombia, we charge $1,385 USD for a single titanium dental implant, abutment, and porcelain crown while dentists back home in the US often price their implant procedures at $4,000 USD.

How is it that we can provide the same quality of dental care at a fraction of the cost? There are many considerations that are baked into this equation and we gladly explain them further below.

Cost of labor is cheaper in Cartagena, Colombia

Generally speaking, the cost of labor in Cartagena, Colombia is significantly cheaper than the US. This directly impacts how expensive housing, food, transportation and other of life’s necessities are.

When a Colombian cosmetic dentist puts a price on their dental implants, they must take into consideration how expensive the office rent is, how much to pay the dental staff, how much to spend on marketing, and other factors.

When these numbers are significantly less expensive than back home, the total cost of the dental implants and other services goes down as well.

Your US dollar goes a lot further in Cartagena, Colombia

The US dollar is a lot stronger in Cartagena, Colombia. You can take a taxi around the entire city for $2 USD and have a world class, romantic meal for only $80 USD. Hotels and Airbnbs are significantly cheaper as well. Not only is cosmetic dental implants here a lot less expensive, your dollar is simultaneously a lot stronger here.

Colombian Healthcare in Cartagena is financially more efficient

Though the world’s most cutting-edge dental work still takes place in the United States, it’s certainly not the most cost-efficient. We don’t have to get into the political details of why the US Healthcare system is this way. Simply understand that costs aren’t as inflated as they are back home due to insurance companies.

Many dentists in Cartagena use the same manufacturers as dentists back home

Dental care is a good deal more financially affordable in Cartagena, Colombia but that does not equate to cheap quality. In fact, we use the same manufacturers as the best cosmetic dentists back home.

We use top American and European dental manufacturing companies like BioHorizons, Microdent, and Zimmer. We’re proud to use these industry leaders at our dental practice.

Dr. Julio Oliver is a cosmetic dental implant specialist

Dr. Julio Oliver has been practicing cosmetic dentistry in Cartagena, Colombia for over 18 years. His desire is to aid people in improving their smiles, oral health, and overall confidence level.

Dr. Julio Oliver is known as one of the highest skilled dental cosmetic professionals in all of Colombia. If his reputation doesn’t impress you, his multiple degrees will. They are as follows:

  • Implantology (University of Veracruzana México)

  • Endodoncia (University of Cartagena)

  • Oral Rehabilitation and Clinical Biochemistry, Masters (University of Cartagena)

  • Clinical Biochemistry, Masters (University of Cartagena)

Traveling to Cartagena, Colombia for dental implants is worth it

Even after you take into consideration the round-trip flight and hotel costs, it still makes financial sense to get your dental implants done in Cartagena, Colombia. In walking distance of the office, there are quality hotels starting at $40 a night and round-trip flights from the US beginning at $300.

If you are thinking about getting a lot of dental work done, the cost savings are incredibly attractive. Without exaggeration, you could save tens of thousands of dollars on cosmetic dental implants.

You read correctly, not thousands but tens of thousands of dollars. It’s ridiculous what you get charged for in the U.S., simply because insurance companies can get away with it.

We’ve saved many folks lots of money. You won’t imagine how often we hear folks get quoted over $60k for a full new mouth while we could do it here for just $18k, while using the exact same manufacturers. Wouldn’t you like to have an extra $42k in your pocket? That is nothing to sneeze at.

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