What To Expect When Getting Dental Implants In Cartagena, Colombia With Dr. Julio Oliver

Getting dental implants in Cartagena, Colombia is a great way to save 70% off on premier cosmetic dentistry.

But how different is the process with Dr. Julio Oliver? For the most part, not a whole lot changes, just a few minor details which we will explain below. Most changes are due to logistics rather than the way the dental procedure is done.

Talk to us first about your dental implants needs before coming to Cartagena, Colombia

Before getting on a plane and flying to Cartagena, Colombia, please talk to us. Have you seen a local dentist about getting implants? If so, do you have any scans and/or treatment plans we could review? Reviewing your scans beforehand will help us provide you with a more accurate quote.

If you haven’t seen a local dentist, we’d ask that you fill out our free virtual consultation form. Though it won’t replace scans, it will give Dr. Julio Oliver a better understanding of your needs which will in turn help us give you a better quote.

And if you do decide to come to Cartagena, Colombia for your dental implants, we will subsequently take scans here.

If you haven’t been with a tooth for a while and want an implant, you may need a bone graft. Without scans we won’t know if you need a bone graft, and how many grams you will need (most patients need 1-2 grams per tooth). When building a quote, we will have to leave some flexibility here should you need them done and don’t have scans to show us.

Talking to us first will also allow you to ask many questions before you decide to come down. At the very least, talking to us beforehand will guarantee that we have availability for you. We’d hate for you to arrive when our calendar is full, without room for you.

Book your dental implant appointment with Dr. Julio Oliver

After you’ve spoken with us and are comfortable with the treatment plan and price, it’s time to make your dental appointment.

You’ll be happy to know that there is no appointment deposit. We simply ask that you share your flight information with us. This serves two purposes:

  1. Shows us that you’re serious about making your appointment (instead of a deposit)

  2. Helps us coordinate your airport pickup, hotel drop off, and first appointment transportation.

To make things easy, we can recommend wonderful hotels in walking distance to the Dental Tourism Colombia office and beaches.

We’ll pick you up at the airport once you arrive in Cartagena, Colombia

Upon your arrival to Rafael Núñez International Airport (CTG), one of our concierge professionals will greet you at the terminal with your name on a board.

We’ll then take you to your hotel, help you get checked in, and then take you to your first appointment. We do this to make everything as easy on you as possible. We’re happy to do tours around the city as well.

Your first dental appointment with Dr. Julio Oliver

You will start your first appointment with Dr. Julio Oliver with another free consultation. During this time, you two will discuss in more detail your goals and he will do a physical inspection of your mouth.

Should you need scans done, we will take you to the nearby facility where they are done. One minor difference in the way things are done in Colombia is the fact that most medical scans are done in separate, specialized facilities instead of every practice having their own machines.

After the consultation (and scans, if necessary) are done and both you and Dr. Julio Oliver agree to a treatment plan, the work begins. Often it’s done directly after the consultation but sometimes patients elect to come back the following day to start the work.

If you need any tooth extractions, then they are done first, followed by bone grafts. After the bone grafts are done, the implants (the metal rods themselves) are inserted into your jaw bone. A temporary crown or other solution is then placed over this new implant for you to where for the next 5-6 months while your jaw bone fuses to the implants.

See Dr. Julio Oliver for a dental implant check up before you leave Cartagena, Colombia

After 4 days, you will have a follow up appointment with Dr. Julio Oliver before you head back home. This is mostly a check up to ensure everything is progressing as expected. During this appointment, the two of you will discuss return dates and post procedure care instructions.

Return to Cartagena, Colombia in 5-6 months to place your permanent crowns

Once the 5-6 months have passed, you should return to Cartagena, Colombia for the second part to your dental implant procedure. Just like last time, we will gladly pick you up from the airport, check you into your hotel, and take you to your first appointment.

During this trip your temporary crowns will be removed and your permanent ones will be placed. Depending on the quantity of crowns, you will need to be in Cartagena, Colombia for 4-10 days. This is due to the fact that the lab will have to custom make your solution.

Your dental implant procedure with Dr. Julio Oliver is complete!

Should everything go according to plan, your dental implant procedure is now complete! Follow Dr. Julio Oliver’s post procedure maintenance tips and you should be set for life. Congrats on your successful dental implant procedure.

Still have questions about getting dental implants with Dr. Julio Oliver in Cartagena, Colombia?