The Cost Of Dental Crowns In Colombia

Dental crowns in Colombia cost a third the price

Millions of people from around the world travel to Colombia to get their dental work done for a fraction of the cost, and with no drop in quality of care.

Porcelain crowns in Colombia cost just $590 USD, and take 2-5 days to have them done depending on how many you’re getting at a time. Here are some common prices for dental crowns in Colombia. 

Cost of Dental Crowns in Colombia

Metal Ceramic Crown $450
Porcelain Crown $590
Zirconia Crown $600

Priced in USD

Please know that the cost of the dental crowns in Colombia is not the only cost you have to consider. You have to get here and spend a few days right right? The post below will outline all the factors that go into getting your dental crowns in Colombia.

Build a free quote for your dental crowns in Colombia

The first thing you need to do in order to figure out the total cost of getting your dental crowns in Colombia is to figure out how much the dental work itself will cost. 

If you know what work you want/need done, then please complete our free online quote calculator. It will give you a total cost, with breakdown items, tell you how many days we’d need, and other helpful details. 

Or share your treatment plan and/or x-rays for your dental crowns in Colombia

If you have already seen another dentist about getting this work done and have a copy of your treatment plan and/or x-ray, we’d like to see it. We can then build a quote directly based off of this treatment but with our cheaper prices. This way we know we’re comparing “apples to apples” so to speak.

All the information you can share before your arrival will help us serve you better. 

If not, complete a free online consultation for your dental crowns in Colombia

If you don’t know what work you’d like/need done, we have a free online consultation you can easily fill out on your phone. It’s just a short form that will guide you in taking 5 specific photos we need to make a proper dental diagnosis.

Please make sure your are NOT moving your bottom teeth forward and that you are biting down completely. We are examining your natural bite, gaps, crookedness, and other dental factors. 

Also know that this free online consultation will not replace the need of getting a physical examination and taking x-rays in some cases. This will simply give us a much better idea of what could be done and the costs.

Check out flights to Colombia

After you have spoken with us about the cost of your dental crowns in Colombia and you’re happy with the price, it’s time to begin researching flights and their costs.

There are many flights that go to Colombia from the US and Canada. There are a lot of direct flights, and lots more that connect in Florida or Georgia. They are typically cheap, especially if you book them in advance. 

They are also quick flights and you won’t have to deal with any jet lag while you’re here. Colombia is either in EST or PST depending on what time of the year it is as Colombia does not observe daylight savings time.

We have offices in all of Colombia’s major cities. We are happy to serve you in Cartagena, Medellin, Cali, and Bogota. 

If you’re not sure which city you’d like to visit, just give us a call and we’d be happy to offer some recommendations based on your preferences. 

Search for hotels in Colombia

The next thing you have to do is calculate the cost of your hotel while you're in Colombia for your dental crowns. Before you book, make sure you know how many days you’ll need. It’d be a shame if you came down without enough time. 

There are tons of excellent, affordable hotels in Colombia. You can spend a great night at an economy hotel for just $40 USD or splurge at a luxury hotel for $130 USD per night. Hostels and Airbnbs are also popular options.

Food and transportation are cheap in Colombia

Though not a significant expense, food and transportation should certainly be factored into the total cost of getting your dental crowns in Colombia. 

Food is inexpensive, natural, and of high quality. You can eat like royalty here for just $15 USD a day.

Transportation is also very cheap. There are cabs everywhere and you can also call an Uber from your phone as well.

Please know that we will happily get your from the airport when you arrive, check you into your hotel, and take you to your first appointment so you know where everything is and things are as easy on you as possible. This is a complimentary service we offer.

Conclusion: Save tons of the cost of dental crowns in Colombia

Still have questions about the cost of dental crowns in Colombia?