Why Colombia is the best country to get dental work overseas

Millions of Americans and Canadians journey to Colombia, South America to get their dental work done for a third the price, saving thousands (if not tens of thousands) of dollars in the process. 

For example, porcelain veneers in Colombia cost just $490 USD per tooth, often with discounts if you get a whole smile’s worth.  Dental implant procedures (titanium implant, abutment, and porcelain crown) cost $1,385 USD, split between the two phases. Porcelain crowns are $590 USD, and laser teeth whitening is just $100 USD a session. 

Cost of Dental Work in Colombia

Titanium Implant, Abutment, with Porcelain Crown $1,385
"All on Four" (fixed acrylic bridge) $7,895
Composite Veneer $250
20 Composite Veneers ($500 Off) $4,500
Porcelain Veneer $490
10 Porcelain Veneers ($300 Off) $4,600
20 Porcelain Veneers ($1,800 Off) $8,000
Porcelain Crown $590
Root Canal Treatment (post, core, porcelain crown) $790
Laser Teeth Whitening (1 session) $100

Priced in USD

These great prices are available without a drop in quality. In fact, many patients report having received better quality of dental work in Colombia than back home. This is all done in a shorter period as well.

Colombia is just a quick, affordable flight away and you won’t have to deal with any jet lag either. While you’re down here, be sure to leave a little extra time to explore this enchanting country. 

Below we’ll explain in more detail why Colombia is the best place to get dental work abroad.

Dental work in Colombia is a third the cost

The best part about getting dental care in Colombia is the price. How can you get premier dental work in Colombia for so little? 

There are many factors that go into this but it mainly comes down to you saving on the cost of labor. Dental care in Colombia is a third the price because mostly everything else here is a third the price. Your dollar simply goes a lot further here.

You get the same (if not better) quality of dental work in Colombia than back home

Please note that less expensive does not mean less quality. In fact, you should expect the same, if not better, quality of dental care than you’re used to back home. 

Most Colombian dentists (like ourselves) use the exact same top dental manufacturers and materials as dentists in North America and Europe. We proudly use Microdent, Zimmer, BioHorizons, and Straumann. 

Our dentists are also just as educated, qualified, and experienced as your local dentist.

Complete dental work in Colombia faster than you would back home

Most Colombian dentists will complete jobs like porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns much faster than dentists in the US or Canada. Most have their own labs or work very closely with one that will prioritize your work over local work. 

This is done to make the turn around time very short, enough for the custom lab work to be done in 2-7 days depending on the quantity and other work needed. Back home this process could take weeks, if not months.

Hotels and flights to Colombia are very affordable

Flying to Colombia is cheap. A round trip ticket to Cartagena, Colombia will be half the price of a flight to Turkey or Thailand. 

We, like many dentists in Colombia, will happily pick you up from the airport, check you into your hotel, and take you to your first appointment for free. For many, this will be their first time in Colombia, maybe even abroad. Having a friendly face meet you once you arrive will make your overall experience smoother.

Hotels are also high quality and inexpensive, again everything is about a third the price. Most Colombian dentists will have a few recommended hotels that their international patients often stay at. Get a hold of this list while you’re doing your research. We’d be happy to share ours as well.

Airbnbs and hostels are also great options to explore.

It’s a quick flight to Colombia and there’s no jet lag

Not only are the flights cheap, they are short. This is in stark contrast to other dental tourism countries like Turkey or Thailand. You can waste a full day just getting there.

Colombia is a lot shorter of a flight and because it’s in the northern part of South America, the time zone changes are not that significant. Depending on the time of year, Colombia is either EST or PST as they do not observe daylight savings time. 

Not having to battle jet lag will make your days in between procedure sessions be more enjoyable. You want to explore the country you’re in right?

Colombia is an amazing country to visit

While you’re down in Colombia, you will most likely have a few free days to explore the sites while you finish up your dental treatment. During this time you are available to get to know one of the most beautiful, enchanting countries on this planet. 

Not sure which city to visit? Cartagena is a popular tourist destination on the Caribbean coast of the country, with great resorts, beaches, and historic districts. Bogota is the vibrant capital in the mountains and Cali and Medellin are also major, popular, touristic cities in Colombia. You will have no problem finding something exciting to do while you’re down here. 

Oh and the local food here is delicious as well!

Conclusion: Colombia is the best country to get dental work done overseas

Still not convinced Colombia is the best place to get dental work overseas?